Historically Accurate Armor for Cats and Mice


Canadian artist Jeff de Boer creates super-gorg, historically accurate metal armor for cats and mice based on different eras – from ancient Roman gladiator armor to Renaissance knight armor suits. He started making these sculptures over 30 years ago as a little side project on his sculpting class. The side project eventually turned out to be ... See the Rest

LOL OTD: Cat with Human Body Has Dogs Over for Christmas Dinner

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.44.28 AM

A very annoyed cat (with a human body) presides over a table of ill-mannered dogs (with human bodies) for a holiday meal. The dogs proceed to drink too much, argue, and steal food from each other's plates – as dogs do. Funnier than it sounds, trust me. ... See the Rest

Squirrelfriends: Squirrel and Cat Play Together

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The grand jury deliberating whether to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown has reached a decision, CNN and The Washington Post report. As the world waits with bated breath, and cities around the country brace themselves for the almost inevitable riots to come, let's all just take a moment and watch ... See the Rest

Gobble, Gobble. Tiny Shelter Cat Makes Adorable Gobbling Sounds

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Turkey, a shelter cat in Orange County, Florida, makes the most adorable gobbling sounds when she eats. Listen to her after the jump. ... See the Rest

Viral Video OTD: Dogs React to Cats Sleeping in Their Beds

Video thumbnail for youtube video Dogs React to Finding Cats Sleeping in Their Beds - World of Wonder

You know me. I don't just post puppy videos willy-nilly, I'm not that kind of blogger. I don't care about dogs and cats who are friends, I don't care about dogs who are ashamed of the messes they made, or think that they're humans. None of that interests me at all. But this. This shit is HILARIOUS. It's a video of dogs reacting to cats sleeping in ... Watch Now

Plot Twist: Cat Fishing for Another Cat

Video thumbnail for youtube video Plot Twist: Cat Fishing for Another Cat - World of Wonder

Dafuq? Check out this video of a cat trying to catch another cat with a fishing pole. ... See the Rest

Lentil the Singing Cat

Video thumbnail for youtube video Lentil the Singing Cat - World of Wonder

Lentil the Singing Cat sings a jaunty tune as she has her breakfast. We should all be so happy in the morning. ... See the Rest

How to Pet a Kitty


      Continue reading after the jump.  ... See the Rest