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The Winterfell Kids: Before & After

*Mind Blown* See Game of Thrones stars Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Alfie Allen, Richard Madden, and Kit Harington at a Belfast bookstore in 2009, ... See the Rest

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Kit Harington Covers Men’s Health UK

The Game of Thrones hunk gets bulgy. Plus, check out his amazing before-and-after chestal pics while training for Pompeii. ... See the Rest

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Game of Thrones Cast Covers Vanity Fair
(PLUS: Did you hear? Hodor is GAY!)

Game on! Vanity Fair covers the making of the BIGGEST, BADDEST, BLOODIEST SHOW IN TV HISTORY! The Game of Thrones cast gathers on a windswept hill in ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video HBO Debuts Another Game of Thrones Season Four Trailer - World of Wonder

HBO Debuts New Game of Thrones Season Four Trailer

After True Detective finished up its epic first season last night (and  apparently crashed HBO GO), there was THIS gorgeous little Game of Thrones ... Watch Now

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Hunks Du Jour: Ryan Lochte in His Speedo, Trey Songz in His Underoos, The Red Power Ranger Shows off His Abs and MORE!

What a day! What a lineup! The SEXIEST MEN IN THE WORLD after the jump! ... See the Rest


Celebrity Roundup 2/13/14

Adam Ant, ever the dandy highwayman, seen smoking a cigarette outside the ITV Studios in London. ANT MUSI-I-I-I-IC OH OH OH ANT MUSI-I-I-I-C OH OH OH. ... See the Rest


Jon Snow Broods Like a Man Who Knows Nothing for Esquire UK

Be still my heart. First pics from Kit Harington's photo shoot for Esquire UK. Best he's ever looked? Well, no. That would be this. ... See the Rest

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The New Pompeii Trailer

An new extended trailer for Pompeii has a shirtless Jon Snow and loads of CGI disaster effects, with everybody trying to outrun the fireballs and ... See the Rest