#LGBT: Lesbians Kissing Men + Gay Guys Smooching Girls (It’s as Awkward as You’d Think)

The Human Project has released their latest clip, which features lesbians trying out guys – some of them for the first time. It asks: “Do lesbians secretly enjoy kissing men? Let’s find out.” The clip paired up lesbians with a bunch of straight guys. After ... See the Rest

A Goat Teaches You the Proper Way to Kiss

Are you a tween going to your first boy/girl party and terrified of playing spin-the-bottle or seven minutes in heaven? Just follow this goat's lead and you'll be fine. Of all the instructional videos on YouTube, I'm thinking this is perhaps THE BEST. ... Watch Now

#ViralVine: Madonna Kisses Drake & He’s Not Happy…

Madonna's latest unwitting smooching partner, Drake on stage at Coachella didn't seem too happy about it. His reaction - coming up ... See the Rest

Gabourey Sidibe Tweets Erotic Pic of Her and the Minotaur

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Britney Spears Films a New Music Video

Our photo agency captioned these pics: "Britney Spears films ... See the Rest

Flashback 1953: Illicit Gay Photobooth Kiss

Via FussyFaggot: "Photobooths were super popular for homosexuals to keep a memento of their relationship when they were first introduced because of their privacy. Getting developed footage of two people of the same ... See the Rest

The Art and Kissing Gif Shop

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Never Forget

We don't know what occasioned the kiss, but all it does for us is conjure up the memory of Roker sharting. (via buzzfeed) ... See the Rest