Gabourey Sidibe Tweets Erotic Pic of Her and the Minotaur


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Britney Spears Films a New Music Video

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Our photo agency captioned these pics: "Britney Spears films a kissing scene with a lucky male co-star on the set of her current music video," but I don't know. From where I stand, BRITNEY'S the lucky one. He is fiiiiiine. Like a young Leo DiCaprio in that third pic. Sigh. She always has the hottest video boys doesn't she? The video, btw, is for ... See the Rest

Flashback 1953: Illicit Gay Photobooth Kiss


Via FussyFaggot: "Photobooths were super popular for homosexuals to keep a memento of their relationship when they were first introduced because of their privacy. Getting developed footage of two people of the same gender kissing in 1950 (as well as being caught in any homosexual activity) would have the subjects charged and sentenced to undergo ... See the Rest

The Art and Kissing Gif Shop


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Never Forget


We don't know what occasioned the kiss, but all it does for us is conjure up the memory of Roker sharting. (via buzzfeed) ... See the Rest

Your Daily Awwww


"From the Telegraph's Pictures of the Day: Photographer Betsy Seeton took this picture of golden-mantled ground squirrel having an intimate moment with a teddy bear in Colorado." (via Shakesville via Towleroad) ... See the Rest

The Kiss!


Last night Nick kissed Jess LIKE A WOMAN OUGHT TO BE KISSED, damnit, and we all gasped and swooned and felt gooey inside until we realized that nobody's kissed US like that in YEARS. So we sobbed into our bag of Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies and made a vow that TOMORROW we would lose those 15 pounds by GOD, and THEN we would be worthy of love ... See the Rest

They Get Carried Away


Blond on Blonde: Austin Butler and AnnaSophia Robb make a love scene on The Carrie Diaries look almost real. Vanessa Hudgens might consider making more visits to the New York set where frequent rehearsing occurs. (Photos: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest