Britney and Her Boys

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I just had back-to-school night last night (I spotted not-so-real housewife Brandi Glanville who was in a mini, super high heeled booties and applying lip gloss while walking) and it always makes me nostalgic and grateful to be a mom to two great daughters. I love when celebs feel the same way. Case in point: Britney and her boys. How cute is this ... See the Rest

Celeb Weekend Outings: These Cali Kids Are Alright

Tori Spelling and Dean out shopping with their children (and an unidentified young man) at the Malibu farmers market.

Seeing more children everywhere you go? Not having any of my own, every so often I think "Where are all these kids coming from?" And then I realize, school's out. This weekend the Cali kids of the well-known were out and about with their famous parents. Yeah, if you have kids they're just like us – only richer, more famous and (probably) better ... See the Rest

Cindy Crawford’s Offspring Continue To Stun

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I mean, how can you look at Cindy Crawford's kids Kaia 12, and Presley 14, and not have your jaw drop to the floor? I know, I know, their mother is arguably the biggest supermodel there ever was and it shows in their genes. The both of them, just gorgeous. ... See the Rest

Yikes!: This Kid’s On Top of the World (Trade Center!)


The $40 million security system around the new World Trade Center doesn't seem to be worth $40. A New Jersey teenager, Justin Casquejo, fascinated with the building, as well as parkour and climbing things he shouldn’t, made it to the spire of the tower around 4 a.m. on Sunday. He had to get past at least four layers of security, including a ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Kids Re-enact This Year’s Best Picture Nominees

Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch Now: Kids Re-enact This Year's Best Picture Nominees - World of Wonder

What could be cuter? The fine folks over at Cinefix have replaced the actors in all of the films nominated for Best Picture for this year's Oscars. My personal favorite skits are for Dallas Buyers Club and Gravity. ... Watch Now

Suri Holds Court In Miami

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise wear bikinis as they spend the afternoon poolside in Miami

This picture just spoke to me. Katie Holmes and Suri are vacationing in Miami and look at Miss Suri just holding court poolside whilst eating her kobe burger. I could just imagine what she is waxing poetic about, but I wish I was a fly on that lounge chair. (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

We’ve All Had Those Days, Kid


... See the Rest

Gwen Stefani Knows Her Boys

Gwen Stefani has her hands full with her company L.A.M.B's bags as she sets out in Los Angeles

Gwen Stefani is doing some shopping for those sweet boys of hers. By the looks of it, they are gonna be pretty excited on Christmas morning. P.S. Gwen is the cutest pregnant woman. (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest