Oh, Thank God:
Richard Engel Has Been Freed

After five days of captivity in Syria, cutie-patootie super-reporter Richard Engel and three of his crew members have been freed. According to the New York Times: "While ... See the Rest

Smart Choice

TMZ has the first pic of former kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart and her adorable husband of one day, Matthew Gilmour, as they walk hand-in-hand on the north shore of ... See the Rest

Today is the 36th Anniversary of Patty Hearst’s abduction!

It started with the 1974 kidnapping of heiress Patty Hearst (William Randolf Hearst's granddaughter) by the Symbionese Liberation Army. Then came the infamous communiqué that read in part: "...Mom, Dad, I'm with a combat unit that's armed with automatic weapons... Death to the ... See the Rest