Katey Sagal on Glee

Katey Sagal takes a break from filming scenes for her new role on 'Glee' for a snack with on-screen son Kevin McHale

I am excited about this casting! I loves me some Katey ... See the Rest


18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Is it the last gasp of the boybang or perhaps a worrisome harbinger of next year's Dark Shadows chic? Please tell me this is not a THING that is happening with men's hair. I'm out of the loop, you ... See the Rest

Fine artie

Kevin McHale aka Artie from Glee was spotted in Monaco over the weekend wearing a cute little pair of swim trunks and showcasing that cute little tum-tum of his. Love him. (via See the Rest

Squeal! Glee’s Artie is in a real-life boy band!

My new fantasy lover, Kevin McHale from Glee, is in a band. A BOY BAND! And unlike Mark Salling's pious See the Rest

Artie’s ‘Dancing With Myself’ video makes me moist

Last night Artie from Glee sang a soft-and-breathy, smooth-and-silky, bubby-and-Bublé-y rendition of Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself" that had me crying and coming at the same time. Which isn't unusual, but it's also neither here nor there. Anyway, last night's episode finally ... See the Rest