#NiceWork: You Won’t Believe How Much Stars (& Their Stylists) Get Paid To Wear Fashion Brands

At New York Magazine's Vulture Festival, The Cut's senior editor Isabel Wilkinson had a discussion with four big-time Hollywood stylists about the effect of "style" on a celeb’s career. The talk included ... See the Rest

Andrew Brucker’s Stunning Early Head Shots of Future Stars

From the top: Sam Rockwell 1987, Naomi Watts 1986, Frances McDormand 1986, Will Arnett 1995, Robert Downey Jr 1985, Chris Noth 1985, Kerry Washington 1996, Alec Baldwin 1986. Photos by Andrew Brucker. Eight more shots at See the Rest

Hey Kids: Get Your Very Own Slave Dolls!

The producers of Django Unchained are coming under fire for a line of action figures from the slavery-themed movie. The action figures, manufactured by toy maker National Entertainment ... See the Rest