#FashionFriday: 90s Ken Dolls That Don’t Care What You Say…

I know, it's not politically correct to say that something is "gay", but being that I AM gay, I think I have the right. And if you don't think I do, screw it. These Ken 90s doll outfits are SUPER GAY –not that there's anything wrong with it. I don’t know where Glitter ... See the Rest

Check Out Our Barbie of Guadalupe, Crucified Ken, and More!

Argentine art duo Pool & Marianela have refashioned Barbie and Ken dolls into Catholic saints, causing controversy in Latin America and sparking debate over art and ... See the Rest

OMG, Happy Gay Day!

... See the Rest

Yes, It’s Love. Meet Maharajah Ken

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Desperately Seeking Ken

Barbie needs her man, and is launching a reality series on Hulu to find him. It just so happened that this Halloween I ... See the Rest

Meet Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken

That is not a joke. The people at Mattel have completely lost their minds. "Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken" is the official name of this Ken doll. And he sure looks the part of a society walker/sugar daddy. "Cool sophistication ... See the Rest

evil ken is hot

Check out Mod Hair Ken! "Put a moustache on (him) and make believe he's the bad guy; Or sideburns and play he's the hero!" I was not aware that was the hero-to-villain equation of the '70s, but I guess it makes sense. Is it wrong that I'm so turned on by Evil Ken, though? (via See the Rest

Lemme Adam!

Mattel has been lax, so the many dolls created in the image of American Idol's Adam Lambert currently up for grabs on eBay ... See the Rest