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Celebrity Roundup

In today's celebrity roundup: Kellan Lutz shoves things in his mouth, Ian Ziering gets all flexy on the Chippendales red carpet, and what do we think ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup

Hugh Jackman! Drunk Kate Moss! The guy who attacked Brad Pitt! All the biggest stars in the universe are here in ONE BLOG POST! Check them out after ... See the Rest

Aaron Yohe-Mellor selfie Aaron Paul & Kellan Lutz Photobomb

World of Wonder Editor Photobombed by Aaron Paul and Kellan Lutz at Coachella

WOW editor, Aaron Yohe-Mellor, was enjoying his Coachella experience and decided to capture the moment with a selfie (duh!) Little did he know that ... See the Rest

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The Hunks of Coachella

My ONLY Coachella post. Like: EVER AGAIN. Buncha dirty hippies. TAKE A SHOWER! ... See the Rest

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Hunks Du Jour: Kellan, Jared, Rick Yune and MORE

A roundup of the most SCINTILLATING hunks ON THE PLANET, after the jump. ... See the Rest

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Stars Descend Upon Park City

It's Sundance time again, which means ACTUAL tumbleweeds are blowing down Sunset Blvd right now, as the streets of Hollywood are virtually empty. ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video A Hercules Featurette - World of Wonder

A Hercules Featurette

Kellan Lutz looks amazing. Astonishing. The best he's ever looked. And I'm not a fan, so believe me when I say: WOW. This behind-the-scenes peek at ... See the Rest


According to “Sources”…

Ahh, the mysterious "source." Those elusive Hollywood bottom feeders who KNOW ALL and TELL ALL about their celebrity "friends," as long as they remain ... See the Rest