#PictureThis: Rare Early Pics of The Beatles & Rolling Stones On eBay


Bob Bonis managed tours of the Rolling Stones and The Beatles and he shot photos along the way. His collection of 2,700 Stones and 750 Beatles snapshots are now being sold on eBay. The young Brit musicians wanted an experienced American manager to organize their travels in the ... See the Rest

Five Music Stars Doing Regular-People Things


From the top: Keith Richards making breakfast, Marianne Faithfull adjusting her makeup, 50 Cent shoveling snow off a neighbor's sidewalk, Frank Zappa visiting the folks, and David Bowie making coffee. (20 more at flavorwire) ... See the Rest

Continuing to Roll

Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones, attending the 'Crossfire Hurricane' premiere as part of the 56th BFI London Film Festival

Charlie Watts, Ron Wood, Keith Richards, and Mick Jagger today at the BFI London Film Festival premiere of Crossfire Hurricane, a kaleidoscopic new film documenting the key periods and incredible adventures in the lives of the Rolling Stones. The film was broadcast live by ... See the Rest

Back Flash Flashback

Mick and Keith

Somewhere in time, Mick Jagger exposed his bum, Keith Richards picked his nose. Some girls, really. ... See the Rest

Keith Richards Carrying Things

Keith Richards

Erroneous birdwatching. (t/y Louis) ... See the Rest

OMG! The totally shocking, hardcore, XXX, all-nude, completely NSFW Keith Richards c*ck shot you need to see right now!

OK, I might have oversold that just a bit. It's just the tip. But if you put Keith's tip on Kanye's stalk, you'd get one whole penis. And while that's probably not a frankenweiner you'd care to cuddle up with, it's all we got today. (via Gawker) ... See the Rest


Here's Rolling Stone Keith Richards leaving the Ivy in London's Coven Garden yesterday where he and some girls were seen celebrating his memoir Life debuting at #3 on the UK top-50 list. (Pacific Coast News photo via Zimbio) ... See the Rest

Franken Does Jagger: It’s Off the Hook

Video thumbnail for youtube video Franken Does Jagger: It's Off the Hook - World of Wonder

At last, it looks like that Minnesota Senate seat will likely be occupied by political humorist Al Franken. Now, with Franken in the Senate and a young family in the White House, politics is going to be palatable again. Maybe. Meanwhile, BoingBoing posted this vintage video of Al ... See the Rest