Meet the Guy Who’s Trying to Collect Every VHS Copy of the Movie Speed EVER MADE

We all have to find our place in the sun. For some it's work, for others it's parenthood. Some seek spiritual enlightenment. Ryan Beitz of Moscow, Idaho, has found his raison d'être. His mission ... See the Rest

Yum! The Hunks of the Independent Spirit Awards

Pictures of the hottest guys at at Saturday's 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, including JGL, Garrett Hedlund and MORE. ... See the Rest

Must-Have: Sad Keanu Action Figure

Only $45, available at the 3D printing service Shapeways. (via See the Rest

Celebrity Roundup

1. Cultured and refined as always, Rihanna pretends her purse is a penis and waves it at the paparazzi. Nice. 2. It's always great to see Keanu Reeves. Here he ... See the Rest

Cannes You Keanu?

Whoa! In Cannes over the weekend, Keanu Reeves was hanging on the super-yacht Odessa with Harvey Weinstein, David Furnish, and Joss Stone, who was hired to sing on deck at the 21st birthday party for the daughter of a Warner Bros bigwig. Note was taken of how much Reeves is ... See the Rest

Celebrity Roundup

Zac Efron on the New York City set of Are We Officially Dating?; ... See the Rest

Chloë Moretz and Keanu Reeves Channel Taxi Driver for Harper’s Bazaar

The Hit-girl it-girl wears a YSL dress and Louis Vuitton shorts in the "Age of Scorsese" fashion spread. Keanu is in an Ermenegildo Zeg... oh you don't give a fuck, do you? I'm only posting it because it's just an odd choice for a fashion layout, and it tickles me to think of ... See the Rest

The Madness of Keanu Reeves

The scruffy Matrix star was spotted yesterday walking unsuccessfully incognito around Los Angeles in track pants and a suit jacket and carrying a sword. Casey Affleck did not immediately appear in tow with a camera. (via See the Rest