You Can Dress Like Katniss Thanks to Designer Trish Summerville


This is an amazing opportunity for all the Hunger Games freaks out there. You can dress like Katniss or Effie Trinket for your wedding, bar-mitzvah, or prom. The movie's designer, Trish Summerville, has struck deal with Net-A-Porter to do a line of clothing and accessories inspired by the film. You can sign up now here if interested and you too ... See the Rest

The Target Audience


  In anticipation of the DVD release of the first Hunger Games movie, Target has announced it will be selling 100 – and 100 only – 14-karat gold replicas of the mockingjay pin that defines Katniss Everdeen. The $999 pin is just one part of the official merch to be sold by the stores; other items include a $349 leather jacket like the one ... See the Rest

Taylor Swift’s Dismal Hunger Games Video

Screen shot 2012-02-14 at 1.19.42 PM

As far as teen blockbuster movie franchise theme songs go, it's no Bruno Mars "It Will Rain," but I suppose it's perfect for the demographic this movie is reaching out to: Ugly 14-year-old girls and morbidly obese gay men in their late '30s. In the video, Tay-Tay wanders around the burnt-out forest of what I'm assuming is District 12. She's sad and ... See the Rest