#FashionForward: Lilly Pulitzer Fans Crash Target’s Website & Collection Sells Out Within Hours

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Target stores around the country were overwhelmed by shoppers looking to nab the Lilly Pulitzer collection during the launch yesterday. The luxury clothing line, known for its bright pastels and floral prints, had collaboration with Target saw lines wraping around stores. The ... See the Rest

#NYCStreetStyle: Sienna Miller, Mel B, Julianne Moore & Even MORE Celeb Looks


Like most of the country, it's &%$#! cold in New York City, so most of our street looks just feature, hats boots and big ass coats. But not if you're a celeb... you have all sorts of options. If you're doing TV, you want to pop which REALLY makes you pop on these dirty streets. ... See the Rest

Kate Bosworth Sings “Winter Wonderland” for Topshop

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And, by God, it sounds as if Julie London has risen from the grave, she's THAT GOOD. This may be my favorite Christmas commercial of the season. (Beats the hell out of THE LIGHTS THE LIGHTS THE LIGHTS THAT LIGHT THE LIGHTS crap) ... See the Rest

Trailer Park

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Coming soon to a theater near you: Dark Skies, a horror movie starring Kerri Russell; Black Rock in which Kate Bosworth becomes THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME; The Baytown Outlaws, for fans of scruffy mean boys; Bad Kids Go to Hell – where a bunch of students are locked in the library ... See the Rest

In celebrity foot news

It's official: "Bigfoot" Hilton has bigger feet than her boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt. And you know what that means! Her dick is TOTALLY bigger than his! Also in celebrity foot news: Kate Bosworth (is she really still a celebrity?) did a really bang-up job matching her shoes to her ... See the Rest

Director’s Cut: Of Tumors and Tumescence

Death Bed Subtext w/ Topher Grace & Kate Bosworth from Topher GraceWhile shooting a death-bed scene for a Love Story-type movie, Topher Grace and Kate Bosworth get frequent, explicit notes from the director. NSFW. (via Funny or Die) ... See the Rest