Karen Black in 1975’s Legendary Trilogy of Terror: The Full Movie

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Still scary after all these years. The Devil Doll segment still resonates. ... See the Rest

The Best of Karen Black

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When news of Karen Black's death spread around the office yesterday, among the wailing and gnashing of teeth were whispers of "Who's she?" from the younger cubs. The heresy! Karen Black was only the most vivid, iconic, and versatile actress of ALL TIME! With her slightly crossed eyes and big, frizzy hair, she was the perfect everywoman. Here's a ... See the Rest

Recently Dead: Karen Black

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Beloved quirky actress Karen Black, who starred in a series of cutting-edge independent films in the '60s and ‘70s, like Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, and Nashville, died today after being diagnosed with ampullary cancer in November of 2010. She was 74. Black had one-third of her pancreas removed and had two more operations just this year to ... See the Rest

Support Hoes: Help Karen Black Beat Cancer


From the Daily Mail: "Five Easy Pieces actress Karen Black has appealed to her fans to help fund a trip to Europe for experimental cancer treatment. The 73-year-old star, who was Oscar-nominated for her signature role opposite Jack Nicholson, was diagnosed with ampullary cancer in November 2010 and had a third of her pancreas immediately ... See the Rest

Coco’s back! Now with Karen Black!

Not this Coco. Or that Coco. But the one, the only, THE LEGENDARY Miss Coco Peru! She's BACK in LA and will be performing at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center this Saturday night – ONE NIGHT ONLY – with special guest Miss Karen Black! Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! Purchase tickets here! ... See the Rest

The Voluptuous Honor of meeting Karen Black

Walking down Hollywood Boulevard with Thairin and Butt magazine's Adam Baran, we all went absolutely mental when we noticed THE Karen Black – yes! – IN THE FLESH! – sauntering down Las Palmas, looking just as fresh and lovely as she did in Airport '75. Of course we tackled her and jumped up and down and shouted in her face and demanded to have our ... See the Rest

Karen Black Is Stuck!

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On Saturday, October 10, the Raindance Film Festival in London will be the scene of the world premiere of Steve Balderson's Stuck!, a homage to the black-and-white women-behind-bars noirs of yesteryear, starring Karen Black, Susan Traylor, Jane Wiedlin, Mink Stole, Stacy Cunningham, Starina Johnson, and Pleasant Gehman. The London screening will be ... See the Rest