#TBT: How to Catch a Kangaroo? Wear a Dead Emu, of Course!

How have I never seen this before? Australian madman Andrew Ucles – who catches wild animals barehanded to spread a message of wildlife conservation – and looks like a freakin Disney prince – finds a dead emu on the side ... See the Rest

Um, Eww: What the Inside of a Kangaroo Pouch Looks Like

If you think kangaroo pouches are like luxurious fur-lined Prada messenger bags, you, sir, would be mistaken. In fact, as we see in this video, it's more like a dark, moist, stretched-out.... um... orifice than anything you see in ... See the Rest

Kangaroo Biceps, Who Knew?

I have the weirdest boner right now. ... See the Rest

A Baby Kangaroo in Pajamas. That is All

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Pouch! That Hurts!

Doing it in the (out)back. How many kangaroos are in this photo? (t/y Louis) ... See the Rest