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It’s No Gangnam Style

Korean K-pop star Psy has released "Gentleman," his followup single to the massive phenomenon "Gangnam Style." It's more of the same, but lacking the ... See the Rest

Tune for Today: “I Am Mugler” by G-Dragon

The insanely popular G-Dragon of the K-pop band BIGBANG gifted Nicola Formichetti with this completely badass song for his F/W menswear collection. ... See the Rest


The K-Pop Gif Shop

As much as I adore the way that the One Direction boys amble about the stage like a bunch of drunken toddlers, there is something to be said for a ... See the Rest

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K-Pop Tune for Today: Gain’s “Bloom”

Really gorgeous video, really fabulous song. Very lush, very chic, very Altered Images circa Bite (does that reference mean anything to anyone ... See the Rest

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“Gangnam Style” Live

Pretty awesome. Hurry and watch it, though, as it is quickly slipping into "Macarena"/"Who Let the Dogs Out" territory. ... See the Rest

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Tweet of the Day

The infectious song, released earlier this summer, has amassed 46 million YouTube views and is the first K-Pop song to hit #1 on the US iTunes ... See the Rest

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Tune for Today: “Gangnam Style” Revisted

K-Pop megastar PSY has followed up his brilliant smash viral video for Gangnam Style with a female version, featuring South Korean pop princess Hyuna. ... See the Rest


Must-See K-Pop Video of the Day

With over 6 million views in just under a week, PSY's video for "Gangnam Style" is THE BIGGEST THING EVER TO HIT THE K-POP MARKET, OMG. As Donald ... See the Rest