The “Would You Hit It?” Quiz

Thumbing through today's pick of paparazzi shots, I found myself mentally playing "Would You Hit It?"  over and over again, and thought I'd share the experience. Of course, there are no right or wrong answers, and just keep your final decisions to yourself (so you're honest).  ... See the Rest

Is Tusk the Sickest Movie Since The Human Centipede?

Somewhere between Misery and The Human Centipede lies the new Kevin Smith torture porn flick Tusk, about a man who is kidnapped and turned into... a sexy walrus?  ... See the Rest

Celebrities at Large

Maksim and Kristin, Jack and Justin, from the top left: Stars dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy was photographed walking into Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood last night; in London, Kristen Wiig was spotted going into the BBC Radio 2 studios for an on-air chat; meanwhile, also in ... See the Rest

Celebrity Roundup

Chris Hemsworth arrives at LAX; Taylor Lautner attends a Clipppers game in LA; Mark Wahlberg grabs dinner with friends after a long day of press for his film Broken City in ... See the Rest

Justin Long Shirtless on New Girl

(via SuperheroFan) ... See the Rest

Justin Long on the Fourth Hour of Today of the Day

See the Rest

Justin Long and Mike White Get Married

And their marriage ends up just like most marriages, gay or straight: routine, unromantic, and not a little bitter. This droll three-minute mini movie, Devin & Glenn, is part of the "Make Homosexuals Marry" campaign and was created to keep the No-on-8 debate alive, say ... See the Rest


Oh, I am so glad I am well-friended on Facebook today! I knew getting her drunk at age 10 on Kahlua and coke at Limelight would pay off! Looks like little Miss Barrymore just updated her status page! OMG! YAY! And ... See the Rest