#Whyyyyyyyyyyy: Vogue’s New “Brat Pack” Includes Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, and Ansel Elgort

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"Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Ansel Elgort, and More—Meet Hollywood’s New Brat Pack" Screams the Vogue headline. Which is just BEYOND VILE. But then, I suppose, every generation gets the "it crowd" it deserves. Although I'm thinking Ansel Elgort might want to fire his publicist for allowing him to be lumped in with ... See the Rest

The OTHER Nasty Jokes from the Justin Bieber Roast

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It was a bloodbath, for sure – and Justin wasn't the only one on the receiving end of the nasty jokes. Guest skewered guests in a series of unrelenting takedowns. Here's what Kevin Hart, Pete Davidson, Ludacris, Natasha Leggero, Shaquille O'Neal, Chris D'Elia, Martha Stewart, Jeff Ross, Snoop Dogg, and Hannibal Buress had to say to one another. ... See the Rest

Comedian Jeffrey Ross Wants to Stick His Pinkie Up Justin Bieber’s… OH MY!

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"Hey man. I'm your worst nightmare," a be-wigged Jeffrey Ross whispers to Justin Bieber in the new promotion for his upcoming roast on Comedy Central. "Are you ready?" "No," Justin whimpers. Ross leans in and says, "I want to stick my pinky in your a--hole." HA! It's funny because WE'RE ALL THINKING IT! Right? Right? At any rate, this roast is ... See the Rest

Watch Justin Bieber Get Egged

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So THIS is how that house felt, eh, Justin? Twerpy professional d-bag Justin Bieber flexes his baby pec-letts, shoves his smug little rat-face in the camera, and smirks before being pelted with eggs. It's all very cathartic. For us, obviously, but for him as well. He's gearing up for his massive image overhaul, of course, which begins with an ... See the Rest

#GotALight?: Justin Bieber Will Get Roasted On Comedy Central


This isn't going to be so much as a roast as it'll be more like a BONFIRE! Justin Bieber will get roasted on his own Comedy Central special. Ryan Seacrest scooped the the news today that the taping will be on March 7 and as with any proper roast, Bieber will be present. Comedy Central joked about the Biebs, telling Ryan Seacrest; "Justin has ... See the Rest

#MyCalvins: Justin Laughs Off SNL’s Calvin Klein Ad Parody


Following Saturday Night Live's parody of Justin Bieber's recent Calvin Klein ads over the weekend, the Bieb's responded via Twitter –being a good sport. He took Kate McKinnon's impersonation in stride; "Yo, my pee-pee's in there." The singer tweeted to the SNL Twitter account after the sketch aired Saturday night, "well played. ... See the Rest

#BulgeEnhanced: Justin Bieber’s Unretouched Calvin Klein Ad


An unretouched photo from Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein shoot has been acquired by BreatheHeavy.com. In addition to enlarging his bulge, it seems retouchers pumped up baby Bieb's pecs, biceps, and quads. The unretouched photos came from "someone connected" to the shoot. Sources say that Justin acted like a dick on set, explaining that; "...he ... See the Rest

VOTE NOW for Your Favorite Calvin Klein Underwear Model OF ALL TIME!

Calvin Klein Models

I'm not going to hate on Justin for posing in his Underoos. He looks good. Head's a little bobbly. And he's doing that super-annoying puppydog face that Kate McKinnon does so well on SNL. But whatever. How does he stack up, though, to the Pantheon of other Calvin Klein underwear models from years gone by? From Marky Mark to Kellan Lutz to Antonio ... See the Rest