The Men of Million Dollar Listing In Flaunt Magazine! Ryan Serhant FLAUNTS His Naked Butt

Ryan Serhant

The men of Million Dollar Listing New York and LA are featured in the current issue of Flaunt Magazine! Click over to see these beautiful brokers. Also, one of these photos is NSFW! Ryan Serhant shows off his million dollar A$$! The modern world of luxury real estate is a ... See the Rest

Madison Hildebrand Returns to Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Tonight on The Season Finale!

Madison Hildebrand Returns to Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

MDLLA OG, Madison Hildebrand returns to Million Dollar Listing Los Angele tonight! Watch the preview from tonight's SEASON FINALE of MDLLA here and now. Then tune in to Bravo tonight at 9PM. ... See the Rest

WATCH NOW: Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles on Watch What Happens Live!

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.32.54 PM

Click over and check out clips from last night's episode of Watch What Happens Live! with Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, David Parnes, and James Harris from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles! And tune in to Bravo tonight for an all-new episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles! ... Watch Now

Josh Flagg on How His Grandmother Discovered Polyester

Video thumbnail for youtube video Josh Flagg on How His Grandmother Discovered Polyester - World of Wonder

Edith, of course, famously brought polyester to America after finding the fabric in a Swiss department store. Here's Million Dollar Listing's Josh Flagg telling that story from his book A Simple Girl. ... See the Rest

A Retrospective of Edith Flagg’s Fabulous Fashion

Edith Flagg

Today we remember the always fabulous Edith Flagg. Click over and take a look at all of her incredibly chic fashions! ... See the Rest

Remembering Edith Flagg: Edith Knows Best


Josh Flagg's marvelous grandmother Edith Flagg passed away this morning at age 94. Here's one of our favorite clips from March of last year. At the time, Josh wrote: "My grandmother is right. Why would I turn down a multi-million dollar sale because I don't want to drive three ... See the Rest

RIP Edith Flagg

Josh Flagg Edith Flagg

Sad news...early this morning Edith Flagg, grandmother of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star Josh Flagg (and frequent guest on the Bravo show) passed away. She was 94. ... See the Rest

Million Dollar Listing Cast @ TCA Panel Today – See Photos!

Bravo announced today that Million Dollar Listing will be coming to a city at the heart of international luxury real estate: San Francisco!  Why San Francisco? Well to start, the SF Bay Area luxury home market is unlike any other in the world, coupling distinctly modern ... See the Rest