Brit Flashback 2: The Beatles Secretary, “Good Ol’ Freda”

Good Ol' Freda is probably the best film there is about The Beatles' early days before during and after international fame. They were together for 10 ... See the Rest

john lennon molar

John Lennon’s Rotten Tooth: No Good Can Gum of This

Just imagine! A Canadian Beatles fan – especially of John – would like to clone the dead Beatle using DNA from one of Lennon's decayed molars. Seeing ... See the Rest

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Ed Magaña’s Friday Vid Bits

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Yoko Ono Tweets John Lennon’s Blood-Stained Glasses

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“Genius Is Pain”: The John Lennon Satire from the Nat’l Lampoon

National Lampoon editor Tony Hendra (better known for playing Spinal Tap's manager) used actual quotes from John Lennon’s infamous 1970 Rolling Stone ... See the Rest


Happy Christmas Times

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Celebrities on Bicycles

From top left: Morgan Freeman, 1989; Bridget Bardot, 1956; John Lennon, 1967; Joan Crawford with Clark Gable, 1941;  Annette Funicello, 1958; Gary ... See the Rest


Happy Times: John Lennon Stumps for Tower Records

In 1973, Lennon had post-Beatles product to sell, and everyone in LA bought their vinyl and tapes at the big red-and-yellow Tower Records store on ... See the Rest