#MetGala: “China: Through The Looking Glass” Is a Fashion Exhibit, Not Just An Excuse For A Party – Right?


Well, the party's over. All that's left are the red carpet pics, the illegal celebrity selfies and this exhibit at the newly christened, Anna Wintour Costume Center. This show is designed explore the impact of Chinese aesthetics on Western fashion, and how China has fueled the ... See the Rest

#ComboPost: Galliano For Margiela + Demoted U.S. Cardinal = Fellini’s Roma Fashion Show

Fellini's Roma

Every so often there are two posts on the same day that when added together produce a third. This is one of those days and this that post! John Galliano's first collection for Maison Martin Margiella just debuted in London and Pope Francis demoted the highest ranking, ... See the Rest

#TheComeback: Galliano Returns For Margiela, But Is All Forgiven?

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 6.55.25 AM

Yes, John Galliano has returned to the runway after a four-year absence. In the shadow of the recent events in Paris, Galliano's timing, although not his own, was certainly dashed with irony given his exile after his anti-semitic remarks. Maison Martin Margiela's new chief ... See the Rest

Flashback: Raw Celebrities In Johnny Rozsa’s Untouched

Leigh Bowery

I met photographer Johnny Rozsa about 15 years ago when I hired him to do a ambitious (very low-budget) photo shoot in two cities, no less. He did an amazing job and we became friends straight away. He's the kind of irresistible character that you want to be friends with. He was ... See the Rest

Reporting From London: Bouke de Vries’ “Smashing Talent”

Bouke de Vries, in a hat he was trying on for a friend's fancy-dress birthday party; one of his artworks in his London studio

I met Bouke de Vries in the mid-80s just after my magazine colleague and good friend, Miles Chapman had come from London with Tina Brown to edit Vanity Fair. He and Miles had just met themselves and I was working for the magazine as a designer. One day Miles wore a fantastic ... See the Rest

Mad Maus Alert In NYC!

john galliano

Fashion world enfant terrible Christopher Lee Sauvé first got our attention when he did a line of "Save Anna" tees, after rumors started swirlin' that the Vogue Editor was being sacked. His latest project Mad Maus is a series of poster prints, merging the infamous Mickey ears and ... See the Rest

Screen Grab OTD: John Galliano on Charlie Rose


The Galliano Rehabilitation Tour marches on. The formerly disgraced designer turned up on Charlie Rose last night, minus the rakish mustache and pirate attire that might read as "too seedy," and instead we have a bright-eyed boy with neatly combed hair and a sensible navy suit ... See the Rest

Celebrities at Large: Twosomes

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 8.21.05 AM

Celebrities roaming the streets, from top left: couple Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson walk in New York's Soho district; hotelier Andre Balazs handles girlfriend Chelsea Handler fondly at Los Angeles International Airport; Vogue's Grace Coddington and designer John Galliano make ... See the Rest