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Celebrity Roundup

Beyoncé shows off her new hairdo while out on the town with Liam Hemsworth. What's that? I'm being told that is NOT, in fact, Beyoncé. It's her hair ... See the Rest

Minnesota Legalizes Gay Marriage: Love Is All Around

As of today Minnesota and Rhode Island have legalized same-sex matrimony. Last night at midnight, folks started tying the knot at Minneapolis city ... See the Rest

Two Women

This glorious photo of Debbie Harry and Joan Jett taken back in the day comes from Coke Talk with its caption already written:    “…so just ... See the Rest

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Monster Mashups

Of the "5 Most Awesomely Ridiculous Mashups Ever" featured on Blender Blog, two stand out to us as more awesome, less ridiculous than the others, ... See the Rest

Maybe It Shouldn’t, but It Does

In the face of experienced proclamations by Nazareth, Incubus, Roy Orbison, and Joan Jett, etc, that "Love Hurts" – and even Def Leppard's chillingly ... See the Rest

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Although the sci-fi-dystopia premise for this film is fairly implausible (in 2056, humans are plagued by organ failure, but one company comes to the ... See the Rest