#NYFW: Jimmy Kimmel Punks The Fashionistas, Again

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Time for the 2014 edition of Lie Witness News. Jimmy Kimmel did this last year and once again, some "in-the-know" style mavens were asked about "some of the lesser-known designers"; Chandler Bing. (Matthew Perry's character on Friends) Betsey Ross. ("You don't think it's too much with the stars AND the stripes?") Bartles & Jaymes ("Fantastic!") ... See the Rest

Kimmel Gets Political With A Clinton Selfie


The other night, Jimmy Kimmel tried his best to get Hillary Clinton to admit a run for the presidency in 2016, which would have been quite a coup. Kimmel was in a discussion with Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton at a Clinton Global Initiative conference at Arizona State University, when a student in the audience asked Clinton if she would run. ... See the Rest

Internet Insults: Sophia Vergara and Jimmy Kimmel Get Harsh

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People say the MEANEST things in the comments section of most websites (not Wow Report readers because, here, we are all about LOVE!) Jimmy Kimmel and guest Sophia Vergara took turns reading comments about each other aloud – and it got UGLY! ... See the Rest

Stevie Guide: What’s on TV? Paul McCartney on Hollywood Beatlevard

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Last night, the first of the new TV season, there was late-night war between NBC’s The Tonight Show and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Kimmel show closed down Hollywood Boulevard for a free Paul McCartney mini-concert; the former Beatle sang two songs in the studio and 13 more for the crowd of 10,000 outside on the street. The guest on ... See the Rest

The Aaron Paul Gif Shop


... See the Rest

Stevie Guide: What’s on Television?


Next Monday, Paul McCartney will guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and, after his in-studio interview segment, McCartney will take to Hollywood Boulevard for a live performance – right out on the effing street. The Boulevard, where World of Wonder headquarters is conveniently located, will be closed from Highland to Sycamore, and traffic will be diverted ... See the Rest

Jimmy Kimmel Punks the Fashion Backward at NYFW

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Jimmy Kimmel's up to his tricks again. So desperate to be on camera, these fashion followers (who have surely NEVER seen a runway show) say that they have heard of made-up designers like "Ricardo Montalban" and "George Castanza". (Really?) At one point, when shown a photo of a model with a watermelon on their head, a guy says to the interviewer, ... See the Rest

Naya Rivera Works That Body

Naya Rivera shows off her toned abs as she arrives for an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' in Hollywood

Arriving for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Glee's Naya Rivera shows off them killer curves with a half halter a and leather pencil skirt. Werk it out, Santana. That face is beat for the gods. (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest