#WatchNow: Bill Murray Was Serving Cute Cowgirl On Jimmy Kimmel


Jimmy Kimmel Live was in Austin all week for SXSW. Last night guest Bill Murray rode in on a horse, complete with a mariachi band and a horse.... wearing a very cute cowgirl look. I'm from Texas and I've seen this look before, many times, but it has never been worn with more ... See the Rest

Celebrity Mean Tweets

Video thumbnail for youtube video Celebrity Mean Tweets - World of Wonder

It's that time of year again, folks! Late night host Jimmy Kimmel has wrangled up a new batch of random celebs to have them read some rather hilarious cruel tweets about themselves. Without a doubt this is the best one yet. ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Parents Tell Kids They Ate All Their Halloween Candy


Watch the top videos from this year's Halloween challenge where parents pretend they ate all their kids' candy.  The poor children...'s reactions are priceless - everything from anger and disillusionment to empathy and confusion. For the past three years Jimmy Kimmel ... See the Rest

Shia LaBeouf Explains His Drunken Arrest At “Cabaret”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Shia LaBeouf: Life Is A Cabaret - World of Wonder

I gotta say, I thought, like a lot of people that Shia LeBouef was losing it, but after watching this explanation of his "Cabaret" arrest on Kimmel, I'm Team Shia again. I love this guy and I don't think he's sanitized the incident (he doesn't make himself look very good) but ... See the Rest

#NYFW: Jimmy Kimmel Punks The Fashionistas, Again

Video thumbnail for youtube video #NYFW: - World of Wonder

Time for the 2014 edition of Lie Witness News. Jimmy Kimmel did this last year and once again, some "in-the-know" style mavens were asked about "some of the lesser-known designers"; Chandler Bing. (Matthew Perry's character on Friends) Betsey Ross. ("You don't think it's too much ... See the Rest

Kimmel Gets Political With A Clinton Selfie


The other night, Jimmy Kimmel tried his best to get Hillary Clinton to admit a run for the presidency in 2016, which would have been quite a coup. Kimmel was in a discussion with Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton at a Clinton Global Initiative conference at Arizona State ... See the Rest

Internet Insults: Sophia Vergara and Jimmy Kimmel Get Harsh

Video thumbnail for youtube video Internet Insults: Sophia Vergara and Jimmy Kimmel Get Harsh - World of Wonder

People say the MEANEST things in the comments section of most websites (not Wow Report readers because, here, we are all about LOVE!) Jimmy Kimmel and guest Sophia Vergara took turns reading comments about each other aloud – and it got UGLY! ... See the Rest

Stevie Guide: What’s on TV? Paul McCartney on Hollywood Beatlevard

Video thumbnail for youtube video Stevie Guide: Paul McCartney on Hollywood Beatlevard - World of Wonder

Last night, the first of the new TV season, there was late-night war between NBC’s The Tonight Show and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Kimmel show closed down Hollywood Boulevard for a free Paul McCartney mini-concert; the former Beatle sang two songs in the studio and 13 more for ... See the Rest