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Must-Have Burger Bangles!

Burger, buns, cheese, lettuce, tomato – all in fabulous stackable bangles! Japan's Just Like Honeyee store is selling burger bangles for just¥14,000 ... See the Rest


So Fetch: The Mean Girls Jewelry Collection

From Stella & Bow comes this fabulous capsule collection of bracelets, barretts, and pendants featuring all your favorite lines from Mean Girls. ... See the Rest


15th and 16th Century Jewelry

... See the Rest


For The Birds: Pigeon Dropping Jewelry

English jewelry maker Frances Wadsworth-Jones has created a luxurious niche collection that is sure to be a hit! Walking around as a student in the UK ... See the Rest


Maiko Takeda’s Shadow Jewelry

Via WeTheUrban: "Incredible is an understatement. Tokyo-born artist Maiko Takeda works with shape, shadow, pattern, and light to create unique art ... See the Rest


Must-Have Crystal Brass Knuckles

Devil Horm Crystal Brass Knuckles (mosh safely) 5 x 4.5 x 3 sinches, by artist Debra Baxter. (via Debra Baxter) ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Smart Watches Are SO December 2013. Smart RINGS Are What's Cool Now - World of Wonder

Smart Watches Are SO December 2013. Smart RINGS Are What’s Cool Now

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Holiday Gift Idea: Hand Jewelry!

I know you've been in a blind panic, thinking to yourselves "the holiday's are here ALREADY? What am I going to get James St James?" Well, take a deep ... See the Rest