All I Want for Christmas: Jewelry That Hooks Into Your Veins and Converts Blood Flow Into Electricty

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.22.18 AM

Because why not? Who knows when you'll have to charge a mobile device alone in the woods WITH JUST YOUR BLOOD? Israeli jewelry designer Naomi Kizhner has designed jewelry pieces that are inserted into the wearer’s veins, then harnesses the kinetic power from the body’s ... See the Rest

#LadyBunnyAuction: Bunny Mellon’s Two Final Auctions Rake in Nearly $60 Million

RARE FANCY VIVID BLUE DIAMOND PENDANT, Est.  $10,000,000 — 15,000,000; Sold  $32,645,000

That Bunny Mellon REALLY had an eye for the finer things in life. She had truckloads of cash so, she could afford them too, but she really bought THE best stuff. The auction of her fine art collection that hauled in $158,737,250 at Sotheby's had everyone's jaw hanging open –and ... See the Rest

3D-Printed Grillz Created Using Hip-Hop Algorithms

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Art meets hip-hop meets new technology meets faaaaaaabulous fashion in Roopa Vasudevan's new exhibit "Grillz." From I can gather, these gold grillz were printed using an algorithm from rap songs. The shapes were determined by the references to extreme poverty and extreme wealth, ... See the Rest

Must-Have Burger Bangles!

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Burger, buns, cheese, lettuce, tomato – all in fabulous stackable bangles! Japan's Just Like Honeyee store is selling burger bangles for just¥14,000 (which is, I think, about $138). Get yours here! Because who doesn't want to wear a cheeseburger on their wrist! (via Poorly ... See the Rest

So Fetch: The Mean Girls Jewelry Collection


From Stella & Bow comes this fabulous capsule collection of bracelets, barretts, and pendants featuring all your favorite lines from Mean Girls. There's a "You Can't Sit With Us" bracelet, a barrette with the words "Full of Secrets" spelled out on it, and a rose gold bracelet ... See the Rest

15th and 16th Century Jewelry


... See the Rest

For The Birds: Pigeon Dropping Jewelry


English jewelry maker Frances Wadsworth-Jones has created a luxurious niche collection that is sure to be a hit! Walking around as a student in the UK gave her the idea to turn what would be an unfortunate situation into something beautiful. According to Frances “I like to try ... See the Rest

Maiko Takeda’s Shadow Jewelry


Via WeTheUrban: "Incredible is an understatement. Tokyo-born artist Maiko Takeda works with shape, shadow, pattern, and light to create unique art pieces that are a mix of high fashion and art installations. "Her series entitled Cinematography showcase the artist ability to ... See the Rest