Jesus, Jared: Jared Leto Posts Side-by-Side Pic of Him and the Son of God

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Has Jared Leto's Oscar win gone to his head? Yesterday, he posted a "Separated at Birth?"-style photo of himself and Jesus on Instagram, writing: ... See the Rest

Lana del Rey and Jesus Christ

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The second teaser for Tropico ... See the Rest



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Oh, Jesus: Fenton and Randy Talk to Kirkus Reviews About What’s Next for World of Wonder


Fenton and Randy were interviewed in the Kirkus Reviews – the publishing industry's BIBLE – about The World According to Wonder, their storied careers, and what's next for Hollywood's biggest risk-takers. "They’re currently pitching a Real Housewives-style retelling of the real ... See the Rest

Chris Brown Is Feeling Crucified, Y’All


"Painting the way I feel today" captioned poor, put-upon Chris Brown on Instagram. Then: "Focus on what matters!" He drew this picture after all the negative press he received after his recent parking lot throw-down with Frank Ocean, which I'm sure you've all been following with ... See the Rest

Christ on the Phone Pole


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The Lez Supper

Ellen Christ

The mural, with apologies to Leonardo, we presume, is officially titled Lady Jesus DeGeneres and the Lesbian Last Supper, and was created by Bronwyn Lundberg. It features the lovable television personality dining with her disciples, from left, Jane Lynch, Sandra Bernhard, Rachel ... See the Rest

The Reason for the Season


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