Snooki Is Knocked Up Again

According to See the Rest

Damiana Garcia on the 2013 NewNowNext Awards Plum Carpet

WOW reporter Damiana Garcia had a divine evening on Logo's 2013 NewNowNext Awards plum carpet. In addition to her interviews with the See the Rest

Snooki’s Baby Is the Living Enzo!

OMG, he shore is a cutie. Little Lorenzo has Mommy's chin and is just about her same height now. An Instagram Valentine's Day instaclassic! ... See the Rest

When the Baby’s Away, Mommy Shall Play

Snooki borrowed Rihanna's hair and hit the town here in LA and clearly she is ending the year with a bang. Mommy Nicole needs her party time too, just cuz she birfed a baby don't mean she's ... See the Rest

Makeup-Free Snooks

Snooki is loving her life as a mommy and is tweeting up a frenzy (no doubt to keep herself on her fans' minds since Jersey Shore is done) and quite ... See the Rest

Jersey Shore Is No More

Calling it quits after season 6. MTV announced it's pulling the plug on their mega-hit Jersey Shore after this season. The ratings have had a huge decline since the massive season 4 and ... See the Rest

It’s Tough Being a Pregnant Troll

Hunties, I know first-hand how freakin hard it is at average height being knocked up, but imagine shoving that fetus in a 4'9" space? Snooki ... See the Rest

So Classy

As Snooki gives the world a glimpse of what she is feeding her newborn, MTV made the cast of Jersey Shore ... See the Rest