Jerry Seinfeld Takes the Bus

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He may be worth a cool 800 mil but Jerry Seinfeld is a true New Yorker and takes mass transit with his family. Not only does he take the bus, he wants us to know it! In all fairness, his wife Jessica is the one who is social media active. She posted this shot with the caption, "The Grand Poobah takes the bus". ... See the Rest

Promo Clip: Seinfeld’s New Season Of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee


Can you believe this is already SEASON 5 of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Vulture now has the official trailer. Jerry is excited; "I'm sure I'm not supposed to say this, but my favorite part of making these shows is really the promo that kicks off each season. It's two months of work for a killer 90 seconds. That's my kind ... See the Rest

All T! All Shade!: Rejection Letters of the Rich and Famous… Madonna, Warhol, U2


Feeling bummed that you aren't where you should be in life? Well, stop your whining. Rejection is never fun but as the cliché goes, revenge is sweet. Take a look at these rejection notices and take comfort. One is so infamous, that it that it has become a t-shirt. Perfect in green – the color of envy and money. Madonna - When Madge finally ... See the Rest

Seinfeld Redux: Jerry & George Get Coffee


Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander walked casually into Tom's Restaurant (better known as Monk's or "Restaurant") on the Upper West Side today, dressed like it was the late nineties. The moment, captured by Ali Phil. The place was closed for filming, maybe for a very special episode of Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. (via New York ... See the Rest

The Seinfelds Hit 14 Years of Wedded Bliss

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Ya know what? Jerry Seinfeld did life right. He worked his ass off, made it HUGE, got married and is living his life the way he wants with no pressure to do anything else other than that. Jerry and wife Jessica celebrated 14 years of marriage yesterday and Jessica posted this pic with the caption, "Merry Christmas, from these two Jews. Married 14 ... See the Rest

Jerry Seinfeld’s Kids Are Beautiful


If you follow Jessica Seinfeld on Instagram you know how beautiful her kids with hubby Jerry Seinfeld are. That is a blessed bunch indeed. This shot made me chuckle because in every Jewish family album there is inevitably a picture of the young son holding a glass of wine. L'shana Tova to our Jewish friends! ... See the Rest

Glitch Gifs: Beyond Trending and Now a Thing


  ... See the Rest

Can We Go Back to Musicians Being Known for Their Music?

If only she put the same amount of effort into making music as she does in thinking up crazy shit to wear, then I'd actually go and download some of her songs. You would think in putting on a rhinestone bikini and going to a ball game, there has to be some level of expectancy that fans and photographers will take pictures. Giving the finger doesn't ... See the Rest