All T! All Shade!: Rejection Letters of the Rich and Famous… Madonna, Warhol, U2

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Seinfeld Redux: Jerry & George Get Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander walked casually into Tom's Restaurant (better known as Monk's or "Restaurant") on the Upper West Side today, ... See the Rest

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The Seinfelds Hit 14 Years of Wedded Bliss

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Jerry Seinfeld’s Kids Are Beautiful

If you follow Jessica Seinfeld on Instagram you know how beautiful her kids with hubby Jerry Seinfeld are. That is a blessed bunch indeed. This shot ... See the Rest


Glitch Gifs: Beyond Trending and Now a Thing

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Can We Go Back to Musicians Being Known for Their Music?

If only she put the same amount of effort into making music as she does in thinking up crazy shit to wear, then I'd actually go and download some of ... See the Rest