#AbFab: “Out of Hand” Partying Has Cast & Crew Banned From Drinking On the Set!!?

Kids, what is the ONE thing you would be sure to find on any AbFab set? Yes, you are correct. Drinking. But apparently, Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley were asked to STOP drinking on the set of See the Rest

#AbFabMovie: Kate Moss Just Shot An “Absolutely Fabulous” Cameo Coming Out of the Thames Drinking & Smoking!

Kate Moss shot her upcoming cameo in the Absolutely Fabulous See the Rest

#FirstLook: SWEETIES, the New “Absolutely Fabulous” Movie Has Started Shooting!

Sweetie! Darling! Sweetie, Darling! SWEETIE, DARLING!! Fox Searchlight and BBC Films announced today that filming has begun on a film version of the hit ... See the Rest

Absolutely Fabulous Movie Confirmed on Jonathan Ross!

This is the best news ever! Jennifer Saunders officially confirmed on Jonathan Ross that there is a feature film in the works, if only because Dawn French bet her £100,000 it wouldn't be written. Saunders admits she is a serial procrastinator:  "I am the worst procrastinator in ... See the Rest

The Edina Monsoon Gif Shop

(via mattadore) ... See the Rest

Spice Girls Forever Apparently Not

This makes me sad. What the hell is wrong with theater goers these days? The Spice Girls musical Forever in London's West End is ending some eight months before ... See the Rest


Geri Halliwell (with Mel B behind her) and Jennifer Saunders arrive for the Viva Forever! cocktail launch in London. (Photos: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

Spice Girls Reunited

Here they are, together again! Geri, Emma & Melanie C look stunning, as always, and seem to be genuinely excited over the musical. They should be, they've been the ones ... See the Rest