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Celebrity Roundup

From top, left: James Franco attends a screening of HIS BEST MOVIE EVER This Is the End in London; the Impossible Girl Jenna-Louise Coleman leaves The ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Sneak Peek: Tonight's <i>Dr Who</i> - World of Wonder

Sneak Peek: Tonight’s Dr Who

In this 26-second teaser, Clara seems to be making... a SOUFFLÉ? (dun dun DUN)... when she gets a message from Madam Vestra, the lesbian lizard woman ... See the Rest


First Look: This Week’s Episode of Doctor Who

Clara and the Doctor are off to Victorian England in this week's episode, "The Crimson Horror," which is NOT about my period. Ba dum dum. (What does ... See the Rest


Whoville: Jenna-Louise Coleman Answers Fan Questions

And Matt Smith's face is priceless. Look at that nod. HE gets it. ... See the Rest


Jenna-Louise Coleman and Matt Smith in Entertainment Weekly

These two. These freakin' muppets, man. They KILL me. As much as I sobbed when Karen Gillian left Dr Who, I gotta say Matt and Jenna-Louise are ... See the Rest


Who‘s on WHEN? Returns March 30th!

Your Matt Smith jones is almost over, Whovians! From the LA Times: "The Doctor and his recently recruited companion Clara Oswin Oswald will face off ... See the Rest


What You Missed on Last Night’s Dr Who Christmas Special

The doctor and his new companion Clara Oswin Oswald met, kissed, then SPOILER ALERT! she died. Again. Is this going to be a running "bit" with her? ... See the Rest

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The Doctor Steps Out with His New Companion

A dashing Matt Smith signs autographs with his new co-star Jenna-Louise Coleman outside the BBC1 studios in London. My GOD, he's dashing. Have I ... See the Rest