Instaglam: Warhol’s Fashion Polaroids At Christie’s


"Ladies and gentlemen, Miss. Grace. Jones." Yes, more Warhol Polaroids, with a fashion bent... see them again for the first time. These are going up for auction at Christie's this week. I have some pretty good ones from the 80s that I took that I think I'm going to organize, as ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Conchita Wurst In JPG Couture

Video thumbnail for youtube video Conchita Wurst In Jean Paul Gaultier Couture - World of Wonder

It's a quick clip, but worth it. If this isn't the worldwide RP Drag Race influence at work, then I don't know what is. It couldn't be more 2014, if it were bearded drag on a couture runway.... wait!? ... See the Rest

Celebrity Roundup

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 11.08.11 AM

All the really important issues of the day: Anne Hathaway's fashion FAIL, Tom Welling is a sudden DILF, and we need to talk about Rob Lowe for a minute... ... See the Rest

The Hottest Looks from the Jean Paul Gaultier Fall/Winter 2014 Show

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 11.55.54 AM

Jean Paul Gaultier has Blighty on the mind this season, and the results are BLOODY BRILLIANT! ... See the Rest

Fashion Roundup

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 12.49.40 PM

Stop! Pivot! Now POSE! Catherine Deneuve gives the paps an over-the-shoulder pout at Armani Haute Couture Fall-Winter; also there: Milla Jovovich, and suddenly I see what she's going to look like at 60, don't you? Severely elegant and totally FABULOUS. Bottom, left: The ... See the Rest

Snap!: Mr Gaultier and Ms Prada in Madrid

Designers Jean Paul Gaultier and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada attend the press conference of 'X Prix Dialogo' at French Ambassador residence in Madrid

Designers Jean Paul Gaultier and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada attend the press conference of X Prix Dialogo at French Ambassador residence in Madrid, which means nothing to me, I only post this because I think she's wearing a tangerine on her head. (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

Hats Entertainment


Stephen Jones for Gaultier S/S '84 ... See the Rest

Jean Paul Gaultier Graffiti on French Trains


Vive la France! How fierce is this train? Jean Paul Gaultier came up with some designs to plaster the French Thalys high speed train with and it totally just hipped up the room. I adore a man who loves a mermaid. (Via Janet Charlton) ... See the Rest