Jean Dujardin’s Möbius Strip

You'll remember how Jean Dujardin, the star of The Artist, remained entirely clothed in that award-winning, mostly silent film. But now, to the delight of ladies and gays everywhere, he's making noise with talk of his sexy shirtless scenes in the upcoming thriller Möbius. ... See the Rest

Trends: They Call It Turtling

We call it bank robbing. George Clooney on March's Esquire and Jean Dujardin on last month's GQ Russia. (via Swoonworthy) ... See the Rest

Jean Dujardin: Big in France

The silent-but-deadly Oscar-winning star was seriously mobbed by fans and photogs today at Charles DeGaulle airport in Paris, where we suspect he will fade back into American obscurity. ... See the Rest

Jean Dujardin Shirtless

... See the Rest

Nip Slip Reveals Golden Globe

Alexandra Lamy, beautiful wife of The Artist star Jean Dujardin, had a brief wardrobe défaut de fonctionnement in her excitement over hubby's win at Sunday's Golden Globes ceremony, making just about everybody in eyeshot of it a winner. ... See the Rest