WTF OTD: Man Has GIANT LEECH As Pet, Lets It Feed on His Arm

Leeches are obviously the new hairless cats or Labradoodles. Everybody wants them. Last night on Good Work we saw them used to give blood facials. Today, we learn of a ... See the Rest

Passionate Man in Tiny Underwear Demonstrates Poses That Make Him Appear Fully Naked

You're going to want to watch this. “Don’t worry, I’m wearing,” stars Japanese comedian Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura in adorable pink underpants, demonstrating "some American butt naked poses" that make him appear completely nude, including "Football player, butt naked," "Gunman in ... See the Rest

J-Pop Music Video OTD: Ladybaby Sings About Japanese Pasties

The "kawaii-core" pop/metal trio Ladybaby has released their first music video for a song called “Nippon Manju" about Japanese pastries (why not?) and it's definitely ... See the Rest

Step Aside, Black Burger: Burger King Japan Introduces the AKA (Red) Samurai Burger

Remember the hubbub last year when Burger King Japan introduced the its black burger with black squid ink sauce and black cheese? See the Rest

#JapanOfCourse: Two Girls Try to Blow a Cockroach Into Each Other’s Mouth

Gotta love those Japanese gameshows. This one features a particularly toe-curling challenge – Watch as two girls blow a bug back and forth in a glass tube, trying to get it down the other's throat. Now, many YouTube commenters are saying the bug in question is a ciccada not a ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day: The Hourei Lift Bra for Your Face

From Japan, of course. It's a "face bra" that lifts your nasolabial folds! When worn daily, the miracle beauty strap combats the signs of aging – and looks super groovy while doing so! ... See the Rest

Onion Note: The Japanese Notebook that Makes You Cry When You Write in It

Not sure who this is for: Emotionally stunted list makers? Emo diarists? I don't know. But the Onion Note, developed by notebook manufacturer Magnus Ferreus, is scientifically designed to make you cry when you write in it. Every time. It's pages are treated with allyl propyl – ... See the Rest

How to Make Butt Pudding

Only in Japan, kids, only in Japan. A step-by-step guide on how to make a gorgeous dish of pudding shaped like an ass rising up out of the ocean. ... See the Rest