The Ultimate Icon Janet Jackson Drops Sultry Video for “No Sleeep”

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The video for “No Sleeep,” the first single off Janet Jackson's upcoming album, is here, and the ... See the Rest

#BETAwards: Iconic Moments You Need To See!


Last night's BET Awards was a nothing short of an incredible extravaganza full of show-stopping moments. Catch our list of the most memorable after the jump! ... See the Rest

Oh My God Janet Jackson’s Hot New Single “No Sleeep” Is Finally Here!

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The queen is back! Everything feels right again in the world now that Janet Jackson has released a new single. It's called "No Sleeep" and it's a sexy slow jam worth kicking back to and putting on repeat. The track will appear on Janet's long-awaited 11th album ... See the Rest

Janet Jackson Will Release Her First Album In Seven Years This Fall!

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Hold on to your wigs! JANET JACKSON IS COMING BACK! The queen! Miss Jackson if you're nasty! Damita Jo!!! A new album! A new tour! A NEW MOVEMENT! The album comes out this fall and will be her first IN SEVEN YEARS since 2008’s Discipline ... See the Rest

Whew! Nobody Looked Too Faggy on the Red Carpet at the Giorgio Armani Dinner in Milan!

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As you might recall, the increasingly crotchety ... See the Rest

#TheInternetIsPissed: Nicki Minaj’s “Only” Is Sound & Fury, Signifying Nothing


NSFW: The lyric video for Only, Nicki Minaj's new single featuring Drake, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, includes visual elements that everyone with eyes thinks are a bit like a ... See the Rest

Latex Ball 2014 NYC

latex ball 2014

  It’s goin’ DOWN!!! The 24th annual Latex Ball in NYC is back, with all ... See the Rest

Video Flashback: JJ’s Love Will Never Do (Without You)

Video thumbnail for youtube video Video Flashback: Love Will Never Do (Without You) - World of Wonder

Remember looking forward to a new music video and actually tuning into TV to watch it? Maybe not. If you're over 40, you'd better lie down. This classic, directed by the late, ... See the Rest