James Franco to Play Twins In ’70s-era Porn-Themed HBO Series

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This could be interesting: Variety has announced ... See the Rest

#MTVMovieAwards: Amy Schumer Made Fun, While Everyone Else Shamelessly Promoted

Amy Schumer opens the show at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles

Amy Schumer hosted the MTV Movie Awards Awards like a seasoned pro and ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote: The Straight James Franco Questions The Gay One


In the latest issue of Four Two Nine magazine, editor-in-chief Kevin Sessums ... See the Rest

The James Franco/Zachary Quinto Slow Motion Kiss: Is the New York Times Queerbaiting Us?


At the New York Times Sundance booth in Park City, Saoirse Ronan, Jason Schwartzman and other Sundance darlings did goofy slo-mo things, so of course James Franco and Zachary Quinto did a slo-mo gay kiss because Zachary is gay and James is gay-adjacent and that's what everybody ... Watch Now

#SpoilerAlert: Last Bombshell of 2014, Eminem Is Gay!?

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Spoiler Alert: It's not breaking news, because it's been "out" since Christmas... I See the Rest

You know James Franco, Courtney Love, & Lady Gaga. But Who’s Klaus Biesenbach?


Is the art world the new black? If so, apparently MoMA's Klaus Biesenbach is its celeb touchstone. The silver fox/ MoMA PS1 & Chief Curator at Large/ ... See the Rest

The True Story Trailer

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Gosh, it seems like we never hear anything at all about that guy... what's his name? James Somethingorother. Franco. Yeah. What's HE been up to lately? Had a movie that didn't really go anywhere, I hear. But now he's got a very seroius movie, True Story, in the pipeline. Fox ... See the Rest

Update: Sony Pictures Just Cancelled The Release Of The Interview


The chain of events brought on by green-lighting the movie, The Interview in which the US dispatched two actors (James Franco and Seth Rogen) to assassinate North Korean leader, ... See the Rest