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Celebrity Roundup: Sweetums from the Muppets, Kim Kardashian’s Ass, Dane DeHaan, Joan Collins AND MORE

It's Celebrity Roundup time! Paparazzi pics of all the hottest stars in the UNIVERSE after the jump! ... See the Rest


First Look: Dane DeHaan as James Dean and Robert Pattinson as… Some Guy Who Knew James Dean in the Upcoming Movie Life

Here's charismatic it-boy Dane DeHaan getting into character as James Dean on the set of his new movie Life. The upcoming movie tells the true story ... See the Rest


Flashback: James Dean, Dappled

Moonlight became him. (via ruggedlyhandsome) ... See the Rest


Flashback: James Dean

1950s movie heartthrob James Dean being adorable. (via sinisterlava) ... See the Rest


Flashback 1954: James Dean Visits Marlon Brando on the Set of Desiree

... See the Rest


Hot Debit Card of the Day

... See the Rest


This Is Amazeballs!

And we don't use that term loosely – or ever. James Franco as James Dean. (via rimrimrim) ... See the Rest


James Dean in the John

The rebel star on the phone while taking a whiz is a rarely seen 1954 photo by Dean's good friend Frank Worth. A limited-edition 11"x14" silver ... See the Rest