Snap!: Colton Haynes with the Harries Boys


That's it. Blog's over. I'm out. Colton Haynes just had sex with the Harries Twins (IT'S SO OBVIOUS), and  there's nowhere to go from here. Shut it down, people. He tweeted:  "Got to hang out with my brothers @jacksgap   @finnharries today at Facebook UK headquarters." My ... See the Rest

Front Row at Burberry: The Harries Twins


It's fashion week again, which means it's time to stop and contemplate the very nature of celebrity, the shuffling and reshuffling of the deck, who's in, and who's out. These days, YouTube stars are the new fashion bloggers who supplanted actual journalists some time ago in the ... See the Rest

Jack and Finn Harries Play Dress-Up


  (via Poison Paradise) ... See the Rest

The Harries Twins in a Hot Tub


Looking a lot like porn outtakes, notes Chadley MacGuff. ... See the Rest

Jack Harries and a Red Vines


That is all. (via poisonparadise) ... See the Rest

The Jack and Alfie Gif Shop


No, Jack, what are YOU doing? A WOW reader, Keith Caufield, alerted me to this GIF set of Jack Harries caught canoodling with fellow British YouTube superstar Alfie Deyes. They look awfully close. You don't dare suppose that... no. No. It's too much to even dream about. (via ... See the Rest

The Jack Harries Christmas Gif Shop


... See the Rest

Lunchtime: Twin Cook Off

Screen shot 2012-11-28 at 1.04.58 PM

Not "twin cock off." You read it wrong. It's just a video of the Harries twins in a cooking contest. Jack makes a Skittles and fish dinner, because why not, while Finn makes a noodley chicken thing. It's not exactly must-see viewing, but the boys are pleasant to look at, and I'm ... See the Rest