All Dressed Up in Suit and Tie


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Don’t We All


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The Jack and Alfie Gif Shop


No, Jack, what are YOU doing? A WOW reader, Keith Caufield, alerted me to this GIF set of Jack Harries caught canoodling with fellow British YouTube superstar Alfie Deyes. They look awfully close. You don't dare suppose that... no. No. It's too much to even dream about. (via ... See the Rest

The Jack Harries Christmas Gif Shop


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TwitPic of the Day


YouTube prankster Marcus Butler with Tumblr twins Jack and Finn Harries. Someone get these guys a proper television show, STAT. With faces like these, they ought to be more than internet famous. (via SinisterLava) ... See the Rest

Know Your Tumblr Superstars: Jack and Finn Harries


Jack and Finn Harries are impossibly perky twin twinklets from England. Jack is an actor who starred in School of Comedy on BBC Channel 4 and appeared in a KFC commercial. Now he and his brother make wildly popular YouTube videos in which they smile a lot, talk in charming ... See the Rest