NEW Mars Candy Bar with Freeze Dried Blueberries & Pop Rocks


I was so excited to read about the new type of "Martian blueberries" that the Opportunity rover discovered today. Blueberries are the crunchy iron-oxide spheres, found on the surface, that possibly contained microbes. I got to wondering is there a Mars Bar with blueberries yet? ... See the Rest

Finally, Spork Chops


Now, every succulent pork-fried grain of rice, every perky broccoli floret will make it into your mouth. Packed in a classic chopstick sleeve, each Spork Chop is a combine of chopsticks, spoon, and fork. Details here. (via The Daily What) ... See the Rest

Scarf-Knitting Clock

This clock, created by German industrial designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen, is called 365 and knits a six-and-a-half-foot wool scarf every year. The apparatus houses a circular knitting machine with 48 needles, a thread spool, a thread holder, and a roll of yarn. It moves in a ... See the Rest

Sit on It and Rotate

With the invention of the rotatable paper roll holder, there need be no more household arguments over whether the toilet paper should be accessed from over or under the roll. Now a person with a strong opinion on the matter can simply rotate the roll to his liking. (via ... See the Rest

Fun With One Hand

Introducing the Half Keyboard! It helps to keep you handsfree while you're, ahem, surfing the web. It also allows you to type while you're on the phone AND saves you valuable desk space! You can try the demo here. The space bar acts kindof like a shift key. I would definitely ... See the Rest

She Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

Video thumbnail for youtube video She Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts - World of Wonder

Not when escape into the Daily Shelter kitchen table cum hidey-house is so convenient. Also great for playing fort. (Dyslexwhere) ... See the Rest

Mug Shot

What took so long? The Dunk Mug is a genius invention that handily serves up the cookies with the coffee/milk/juice, eliminating a separate plate to wash. Did we already say genius? From the UK, available here. ... See the Rest