"Bob Colacello, Andy Warhol, and Christopher Murray in Hats." by Paul Weiss; Andy wall screen print by Richard Bernstein

Warhol 4 Sale: Bob Colacello’s Art, Photographs, and Memorabilia from the Warhol Years

An auction of the Bob Colacello's collection of art, photographs, and memorabilia from the 70s and 80s when Bob was an intimate member of Warhol's ... See the Rest


Cover Girl 1: Scarlett Johansson On Glamour & Vanity Fair

State-of-the-art bombshell is right. Vanity Fair writer, Lili Anolik, describes Scarjo's VF photo session like this; "She’s seducing the camera and ... See the Rest


The Secretive World of Female Masking Pt. 2 Interview w/ Director & Producer

  Since we broke the story here in the US on WOW last December, about new documentary Secrets of the Living Dolls (Channel4.com)- the world of ... See the Rest


Realscreen’s Year-End Survey with Fenton Bailey

Mister Fenton Bailey interviewed by Realscreen about his 2013 highlights, lowlights, reflections and future aspirations. I never thought they’d ... See the Rest


ABMB Day 4: Art Basel Vernissage, Interview Oh! Wow! @ Boulan and The Red Room

Let's just say, my mornings are shot (when do you think I write this stuff? 3AM? Well, that's exactly what time it is now…) I was back at Benetton ... See the Rest


Claire Danes Covers Interview (and Looks Amazing!)

Interview by Dustin Hoffman (Photo: Fabien Baron, via Interview) ... See the Rest


Graffiti in 1945: Picasso and Brassai

Photograph of Brassai and Picasso, circa 1966 by Brassai. (t/y Fred Brathwaite aka Fab Five Freddy) ... See the Rest

Lindsay Lohan: “I’m My Own Worst Enemy”

She was ready for her close-up. Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Lindsay Lohan aired last night, with Lindsay insisting she has put her hard-partying ... See the Rest