Cover Girl 1: Scarlett Johansson On Glamour & Vanity Fair

State-of-the-art bombshell is right. Vanity Fair writer, Lili Anolik, describes Scarjo's VF photo session like this; "She’s seducing the camera and ... See the Rest


The Secretive World of Female Masking Pt. 2 Interview w/ Director & Producer

  Since we broke the story here in the US on WOW last December, about new documentary Secrets of the Living Dolls (Channel4.com)- the world of ... See the Rest


Realscreen’s Year-End Survey with Fenton Bailey

Mister Fenton Bailey interviewed by Realscreen about his 2013 highlights, lowlights, reflections and future aspirations. I never thought they’d ... See the Rest


ABMB Day 4: Art Basel Vernissage, Interview Oh! Wow! @ Boulan and The Red Room

Let's just say, my mornings are shot (when do you think I write this stuff? 3AM? Well, that's exactly what time it is now…) I was back at Benetton ... See the Rest


Claire Danes Covers Interview (and Looks Amazing!)

Interview by Dustin Hoffman (Photo: Fabien Baron, via Interview) ... See the Rest


Graffiti in 1945: Picasso and Brassai

Photograph of Brassai and Picasso, circa 1966 by Brassai. (t/y Fred Brathwaite aka Fab Five Freddy) ... See the Rest

Lindsay Lohan: “I’m My Own Worst Enemy”

She was ready for her close-up. Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Lindsay Lohan aired last night, with Lindsay insisting she has put her hard-partying ... See the Rest


Michael Schmidt Interviewed in A Shaded View of Fashion

Wowlebrity Michael Schmidt gave a fascinating interview to Diane Pernet's blog A Shaded View of Fashion, about that instantly iconic 3D dress he made ... See the Rest