#Opinion: Bruce Jenner’s Story Is A Lesson For All About Judgement


The world watched last night as Bruce Jenner told a story that was his secret and private torment for nearly 60 years. First of all, that's what I call good TV. But after settling in to really listening what he had to say, his story became something else altogether. We all ... See the Rest

Watch: Super Cute Super Fan Interviews Adore Delano!!!

adore delano

How sweet is this? Super fan Joseph A. Shepherd got a chance to interview RuPaul's Drag Race princess Adore Delano during her RuPaulBots appearance in Atlanta . He asked her about things like when she first did drag, the origin of her name, and how it was when she met her idol ... See the Rest

The Ever-Elusive Sia Covers Interview (I Think That’s Her…?)


Interview smartly asks in their new issue: What would happen if a pop star were to hold back from public view all but a few of her identifying characteristics? Without a famous face, well-documented dating history, and popular backstory, how then are we to know her? What is ... See the Rest

#RebelHeart: Madonna Grilled By Howard Stern In Her Most Fascinating & Revealing Interview EVER!


My friend Douglas, who lives Paris, sent me this interview. He loves Howard Stern and warned me it was coming up and it is EPIC. Surely, everyone will be talking about this major sit-down. Kind of great just listening and not looking, really. Just settle in for 90 juicy minutes ... See the Rest

Ouch!: Shia LaBeouf Covers Interview


Shia LaBeouf has been working as an actor since he was 12. After he left the Transformers series –and the truck-loads of money that would have kept delivering – he instead opted for more character-driven films, like Lawless and Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac. He talks about ... See the Rest

Picture This: Jeremy Kost’s Sexy “Fractured” Polaroids

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.14.29 AM

NSFW: Jeremy Kost has been shooting Polaroids of hot guys for a while now. He began this recent project in 2011 kind of by accident, usually the way great things start. He got a multiple exposure after a shot of film got stuck in the camera. It's proved to be both an aesthetic ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote: Fran Lebowitz On Gay Marriage


Fran Lebowitz is back to writing again (she's working on a new novel), but she hasn't stopped talking. Paper magazine's David Hershkovitz talked to her about a myriad of subjects. Here's her unexpected thoughts on gay marriage; "The idea that those words are together is so ... See the Rest

TV Is Scary: Barbra Streisand To Make A Rare Late Night Appearance

"In studio with my producing "Partners" Walter Afanaseiff & Kenny @babyface Edmonds. #BarbraPartners"

Babs is heading back to late-night TV after a very long absence. Jimmy Fallon announced on The Tonight Show on Wednesday that Barbra Streisand will appear as both a guest and performer on Monday, September 15. The appearance coincides with selling something, of course – the ... See the Rest