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Justin Bieber Has Uploaded Snippets of 11 New Songs On to Instagram – Will Any of Them Be Good Enough to Put Him Back On Top?

Rampaging fame monster Justin Bieber has been in the studio lately, tirelessly working to put out a record that will put him back on top and earn the ... See the Rest

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InstaGlam Pic of the Day: Courtney Act Sweeps Into Sydney

What a GORGEOUS shot! RuPaul's Drag Race legend returned to her old stomping grounds this week for the Sydney Mardi Gras, when a gust of wind BLEW UP ... See the Rest

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The Top 10 Signs That Miley Cyrus Has Lost Her Damn Mind (via Instagram)

Miley Cyrus has been on a break for the last couple of weeks, and it seems  too much time spent tumbling around in the vast recesses of her mind is ... See the Rest

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InstaModel: Crowd Sourcing Cast Marc Jacobs Latest Campaign

Unlike past Marc by Marc Jacobs campaigns, under the new direction of Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, the label's latest campaign features a cast of ... See the Rest

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At The Beach: Scott Eastwood’s Merman Fantasy (No, Not Ethyl)

I have been following hottie Scottie (Eastwood) on Instagram since he has a propensity for posting shirtless bro-pics but this is the first I've seen ... See the Rest

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Megan Fox Graces the Insta-world with Her Beauty

Megan Fox has joined the Instagram party and posted this as her first pic with the caption, "First IG selfie. Early morning (check) no makeup (check) ... See the Rest

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Iggy Azalea’s Puppy Love

Iggy Azalea got a new puppy which she conveniently named, "Shrinkabull jam don't shake like that Jelli" but she said we could call her Jelli, for ... See the Rest

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Instayum: The Avocado Toast Pic Epidemic

Food porn. That's what it's called. Almost everyone has done it. Cronuts. Ice cream. Avocado toast? Yes. These open-faced sammys are all the rage ... See the Rest