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Chelsea Handler Late Night Talk Not Over

And she is the one perpetuating the rumors, of course! Chelsea Handler put this pic on Instagram yesterday full well knowing she's got a CBS employee ... See the Rest

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A Natural Beyoncé On Vacation

Beyoncé is on vaca with her hubby and daughter and one of the things I love about Bey is the fact that she not only shares her intimate pictures with ... See the Rest

Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele New York Times Instagram

Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele “J’Adore Instagram” in The New York Times

Wowlebrity, fashion icon, and all around LEGEND, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele gets called out in the New York Times for being an advocate for fashion in ... See the Rest

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Rumer Has It

And by "it" I mean her mama's bad ass body! Rumer Willis posted this shot on Instagram of her being shot by amazing photographer Tyler Shields. She ... See the Rest

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James Franco’s Instagram Scandal? I’m Going with “Hoax”

Of course you're following the Franco scandal, right? In which the 30-something hunk was all up in some young girl's gig, trying to book a hotel room ... See the Rest


InstaOops: Is James Franco In Trouble For Hitting On A 17 Year-Old Girl?

James Franco is currently on Broadway in Of Mice & Men. After the show he signs autographs on the street and Tuesday night, apparently he was being ... See the Rest

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A Scaled Back Nicki Minaj Is Stunning

                    Look at how pretty Nicki Minaj is in her latest ... See the Rest

Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne fight

Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne Get into a Cat Fight! MUST WATCH

Miley Cyrus posted this video on her Instagram of her and Avril Lavigne getting into a physical fight! OMG.. watch now! ... See the Rest