Britney and Her Boys

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I just had back-to-school night last night (I spotted not-so-real housewife Brandi Glanville who was in a mini, super high heeled booties and applying lip gloss while walking) and it always makes me nostalgic and grateful to be a mom to two great daughters. I love when celebs feel the same way. Case in point: Britney and her boys. How cute is this ... See the Rest

Top 10 Mathu Andersen Instagram Pics

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Oh to be a fly on the wall at Chateau Andersen, in the dark of the night when madness strikes and Mathu doodles the most outrageous looks on his face. Thank God for his Instagram account where we can get just a peek into what goes on after hours. Here are my top ten favorite looks, with his often cryptic posts.  ... See the Rest

Picture Him Gone: Robin Williams’ Instagram Farewell

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People are still reacting in shock over Robin Williams's sudden death, an apparent suicide. An outpouring of grief, gratitude and love is finding a place on his Instagram feed. The last post was the shot above with his 25 year-old daughter. How happy he was to post it and how sad it was his last; #tbt and Happy Birthday to Ms. Zelda Rae ... See the Rest

Gawker “Outs” James Franco & His “Live-In Boyfriend”

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James Franco is none too happy with Gawker. They just ran an article titled "James Franco Is Living With A Man" that served as a response to a short New York Times piece about the actor's collaborations with his friend Scott Haze. The point of this Gawker piece seemed too be that Haze may be Franco's live-in boyfriend: But theirs is the kind of ... See the Rest

InstaBabs: Barbra Streisand Joins Instagram


She's posted just one photo and has 19,000+ followers and counting. Her first post is a bit like what your Mom might post, if your Mom was a EGOT-winning, multi-millionaire, international superstar... "Hello Instagram… isn’t my Samantha just precious?" Wonder how many unretouched photos we'll see? I would venture to guess, not many. See for ... See the Rest

Kelly Ripa Hosts a Gun Show

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Kelly Ripa works out hard and it shows, so why not post pics of her amazing biceps? Wouldn't you? I would totally flood the Insta world with mine if they looked like hers. #Sun'sOutGunsOut ... See the Rest

Mariah Carey Takes Butterfly To the Spa

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I have no clue where said spa is, but Mariah Carey made sure to bring her Butterfly sugar drink with her cuz you know, it's zen like. Who needs lemon, cucumber water when you can sip on some Butterfly after an adrenal releasing massage.... ... See the Rest

Justin Bieber Has Uploaded Snippets of 11 New Songs On to Instagram – Will Any of Them Be Good Enough to Put Him Back On Top?

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Rampaging fame monster Justin Bieber has been in the studio lately, tirelessly working to put out a record that will put him back on top and earn the respect of his imagined peers in the rap game. He posted these mewling scraps of new music today to his Instagram account hoping we would all gush at his musical genius once again. Feel free to ... See the Rest