This Photo of Cristiano Ronaldo Stretching Is Guaranteed to Make You Feel Things

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Not much hard-hitting news here. Just a photo of ultimate bae Cristiano Ronaldo being stretched out by some other dude, getting those gorgeous legs ready for... whatever it is he does on the field. NBD. ... See the Rest

Katy Perry Fan-Girls Out for Mariah; Represents the Lamb in All of Us

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Katy Perry had a Vegas moment of fan-girl whatever last night as she attended the one and only Mariah Carey's Las Vegas residency show, ... See the Rest

10 Times Drake Owned The Fashion Game on Instagram


Drake is a lot of things. Toronto native. Rapper. Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Actor. Bae. And, as far as I'm concerned, he's becoming a full-on fashionisto. In the recent months, he seems to have gained a new ... See the Rest


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It's the latest Instagram sensation and it's as easy as can be. 1. Brush your cat 2. Form the hair you brushed into a toupee 3. Place toupee on cat 4. Share & tag See the Rest

#HumpDayHottie: 14 Instagram Images of Jacob Hoxsey to Drastically Improve Your Life


So there's this guy Jacob Hoxsey. He's pretty big on Instagram, appeared in Shangela's "Uptown Fish" music video, and ... See the Rest

The End of an Era: Justin Bieber Apologetically Removes His Butt From Instagram But Memes Live On


Well, it's the end of an era. Justin Bieber's now famous butt pic has been deleted from his Instagram page by Biebs himself (after reaching 2.1 million ... See the Rest

Drake Posted Another Shirtless Photo on Instagram; Shatters Lives


If you follow Drake on Instagram, congratulations. You're making the right steps toward happiness. If not, please take this as a sign because Drake shared this incredible photo of his "early morning" yesterday ... See the Rest

#OhBrother: Zac Efron And His Hot Brother Dylan Took The Sexiest Picture In The History of Humanity

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At this point, thanks to the wonderful Universe in which we live and the Internet, we've all seen some great photos of Zac Efron. (Okay I suppose I may have seen more than the average person, but that's another story.) For me, though, this one ... See the Rest