“The Crazy Plate Lady” Serves Art à La Carte at The Ritz-Carlton

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Jacqueline Poirier, a waitress/artist in residence at The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto, paints food, dogs, people and a host of other things onto plates at TOCA, the hotel's restaurant. To be honest, she's not the best painter and the images are far from "photo-realism" but because ... See the Rest

#OnlyInNewYork: SJP Helps Us Weekly’s Fashion Director Find Her Missing Earring


Sarah Jessica Parker to the rescue. Carrie Bradshaw knows a good accessory when she sees one, and SJP turned to social media this Tuesday to help her friend find her missing earring. My old friend and colleague, Us Weekly's Fashion Director Sasha Charnin Morrison, lost one of her ... See the Rest

#QuoteUnquote: Miley Cyrus on Her Sexuality, “I Don’t Want to Label Myself as Anything”


Does Miley Cyrus like pussy? Well, I saw it on my Instagram feed, so I know that she does. Cheap joke, I know, but ... A. She did just get a cute new pussy cat, kitty girl (look at that face!) B. She has a lot of people asking if she's just come out as bi This week she ... See the Rest

OMG, Mariah Carey Reposts Nolan Luther-Bailey’s Instagram Video!

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Last night, of course, Mariah Carey opened in Vegas. People magazine raved "she's still got it" and that the show "was all the Mariah any fan could want" with six costume changes and one hair change during the hour-and-45-minute show. Our very own Fenton Bailey was there with ... See the Rest

#InstaglamFlashback: Dita Von Teese Twirls In a Zac Posen Gown

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Tonight is the Met Gala and Zac Posen just gave us a throwback on Instagram. A rewind of goddess Dita von Teese twirling in an ecru and crimson fishtail gown she wore last year is EVERYTHING! Twirl! Twirl! Twirl! Watch – and then rewatch ...and then watch again. ... See the Rest

You Will Never Be As Fabulous As This 3-Year-Old Malaysian Boy

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Watch out BryanBoy, there's a three-year-old Malaysian boy named Jacob who's blowing up the fashion world and coming for your crown. The Kuala Lumpur-based cutie has an Instagram account managed by his mother, Shaine Wong, that rivals most fashion bloggers'. Before you think, ... See the Rest

Woman Photobombs Mariah Carey, Makes Mariah’s Brilliant Instagram Even Better

Mariah Carey heads out in West Hollywood to grab a meal at Craig's restaurant

Mariah Carey has the greatest Instagram game of all time. She posts pictures of herself in gowns on planes, in pools, on other planes. You can't touch her #InstaGame. Today a woman got herself into a video celebrating Infinity Day, which is the day Mariah's new song Infinity was ... See the Rest

Transformations: Argenis Pinal Transforms James St. James Into a Comic Book Senator

Transformations Argenis Pinal

James St. James found Argenis Pinal via Instagram because of his unique style of painting 2-dimensional comic book faces. Watch him turn James into an old man; he looks like his father…or a crooked politician! New episodes of Transformations every Tuesday on WOWPresents. ... Watch Now