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More Bad Bieber Ink

Here's the deal. I'm starting to think that Justin Bieber just likes ugly tattoos. That's it - plain and simple because he must know good ink surely, ... See the Rest

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Miley’s New Ink

I think I should start a weekly "Miley's new ink" post because that's how often she's getting new tattoos. Rihanna needs one too. Miley commissioned ... See the Rest

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Rihanna Offends New Zealand Tribe Members

Remember when Rihanna went to New Zealand and made a big to-do out of getting a traditional Maori tattoo where they pounded her hand with a mallet? ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Rihanna Gets Hammered - World of Wonder

Rihanna Gets Hammered Literally. Rihanna got new ink, this time some traditional Maori on her trip to New Zealand. The traditional Maori way to ... See the Rest


Miley Commemorates Her Rolling Stone Cover with Feet Ink

Living on the edge, that Miley is. The belle of the ball decided to commemorate the occasion of landing her first Rolling Stone cover by inking the ... See the Rest


The Tattoo Artistry of Kenji Alucky

The Japanese ink artist is known for his stunning stippled geometric designs. (via laughingsquid)   ... See the Rest



... See the Rest


Cheryl Cole’s Ass Smells Like Roses

I never in a million years thought that the Geordie princess Cheryl Cole would have all of this going on under her knickers. Color me gobsmacked. She ... See the Rest