Kelly Osbourne Gets Inked for Joan

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Kelly Osbourne loved Joan Rivers like she was family. She posted some shots on Instagram of her new tattoo that she got in Joan's honor. Joan had a connection with bumble bees (anyone who has ever watched one of her countless appearances on QVC knows allll about said connection) so Kelly got a white bumble bee tattoo in her honor and posted this ... See the Rest

Cara Delevingne’s New Ink

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Ubermodel Cara Delevingne is adding more ink, but because she is pretty much the hardest working model in the game right now, she has to be super creative about where she puts them. Cara professed her love of pork by tattooing the word "bacon" on her foot. Ow. ... See the Rest

Cara Delevingne Pisses Off Her Agent

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Let's face it: Cara Delevingne is the model every designer wants to walk in their show and she knows it. She may only be 21 years of age, but she is a huge deal and didn't want to hear it when her agent told her to stop with the ink of she will lose work. She is in charge and that's that. I am quite sure it won't affect her appeal. I am a huge fan ... See the Rest

Miley’s Newest Ink

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Miley and her friends got some new, matching ink. You know what they say, "friends that get high together, get really bad tattoos together." Before you attack me kids, I know what her dog meant to her and seriously affected she is by his horrible death but my GOD there are amaaaaazing tattoo artists out there that could capture his sweet, little ... See the Rest

Kelly Osbourne Is Punk Rock

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At least she is going for it, anyway. Kelly Osbourne decided to get a head tattoo and now that she is in the short, shaved hair phase, I am sure she assumed that now would be the easiest time to do it. She got the word "stories" in a beautiful typewriter font on her noggin and she posted some pics on her Instagram. Follow her and check more out! ... See the Rest

More Bad Bieber Ink

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Here's the deal. I'm starting to think that Justin Bieber just likes ugly tattoos. That's it - plain and simple because he must know good ink surely, right? He showed the twittersphere his new joker tattoo then followed it up yesterday with a compass tat. Now, the compass looks as if it is good tattoo work so clearly he can spot the difference. ... See the Rest

Miley’s New Ink

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I think I should start a weekly "Miley's new ink" post because that's how often she's getting new tattoos. Rihanna needs one too. Miley commissioned Kat Von D to do a portrait of her Grandma Loretta and tweeted it out with the caption, "because I am her favorite & she is mine." ... See the Rest

Rihanna Offends New Zealand Tribe Members

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Remember when Rihanna went to New Zealand and made a big to-do out of getting a traditional Maori tattoo where they pounded her hand with a mallet? Well in the end apparently Riri wasn't so happy with the final product so she flew her American tattoo artists from Bang Bang NYC (the work that comes out of there is pretty maje, I can't lie) to the ... See the Rest