Mikey Bolts Does Impressions of All 44 Presidents

Who knew Andrew Johnson sounded like Bane? Or Herbert Hoover like one of the Dead End Kids? There are all sorts of surprises as "sarcastic YouTuber" Mikey Bolts attempts to do impressions of all 44 presidents. Not exactly laugh-out-loud funny, but mildly amusing, and you WILL be ... See the Rest

Ross Marquand’s Impress-a-Vention

Guy comes home to his apartment and is surprised to find 13 or 14 famous actors sitting around insisting he stop doing impressions of them. Of course, they're all portrayed by impressionist Ross Marquand. In other words, an impressionist is urged by his impressions to stop doing ... See the Rest

He Is the Walrus

Coo coo ca choo, etc. His name's E.T., he's 30 years old, lives at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington, and does a number of vocal impressions by request, his whistle being most impressive. But not naming him Paul seems a missed opportunity. ... See the Rest


... See the Rest

A Girl from Washington Heights

Chloe Michelle Denatale does her impression of a Dominican girl she got to know well while growing up in her neighborhood in Washington Heights, New York.  She has a good ear. Two of them, in fact. Funny stuff, as Johnny used to say. (More Chloe at See the Rest

SNL’s Back to the Future Alternate Casting Sketches

Highlighting the genius of Bill Hader. Has anyone ever done an impression of Alan Alda this spot-on? Or even attempted an impression of Alan Alda? Actually, all the send-ups in these two sketches were pretty great, making them the best of the night.  ... See the Rest

50 Impressions in 50 Seconds

That Guy With the Glasses. (via Bacon) ... See the Rest