Lifesaving Tip of the Day: How to Survive Falling Through the Ice

As the temperatures dip across the country, people are apt to go out exploring their neighborhood ponds and reservoirs. That's A TERRIBLE IDEA because the cold weather hasn’t been around long enough to create ice strong enough to walk on. See the Rest

Iced: Peter Sutherland’s Well-Timed Tapestry

Peter Sutherland's timely "Dry Ice" was released just now, when the country could use a warming trend. This is the latest in a series of woven blankets produced from his ... See the Rest

In Wisconsin, the Streets Are Now Literally Paved with Cheese

The Milwaukee Public Works Department has started dumping cheese brine (a waste product of the state's best known commodity) all over the frozen roads in the hopes that it would be effective in ... See the Rest

Your Moment of Zen: Instant Ice! Instantly!

A man leaves his hose out in freezing weather and when he turns it on in the morning, it spits out perfectly cylindrical ice cubes. Now, that might not sound very interesting, but just watch the video. It's mesmerizing. ... See the Rest

The People vs Winter

A gorgeous piece of ice ballet. ... See the Rest

Interior Design Porn

MUST! HAVE! ICE! SHIP! This gorgeous ice ship sculpture is the creation of art director/set designer/prop stylist Rhea Thierstein and was featured in a ... See the Rest

Ice Age 2

On the other hand, what about these ice cube paperweights? Made from recycled window glass and lovingly hand crafted in Indonesia. They won't melt in your ... See the Rest

This Just In: Corgi vs Ice

Cutest. Puppy yips. Ever. (t/y Reilly)   ... See the Rest