Jennifer Lawrence Photoshopped Thinner

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NSFW: Josh Hutcherson’s Is “Dating” Full Frontal

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You Can Dress Like Katniss Thanks to Designer Trish Summerville

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Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence and Sam Claflin attend a photocall for 'The Hunger Games : Catching Fire' at the 66th annual Cannes International Film Festival in Cannes

The Hunger Games Gets Rained Out at Cannes

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Josh Hutcherson dresses up in a suit and tie for an appearance on the 'Late Show with David Letterman' in NYC


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She Won’t Play the Real Hunger Games

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Screen shot 2012-10-02 at 3.35.26 PM

Hunger Games Dolls

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Screen shot 2012-09-14 at 1.54.14 PM

On Set: The Stars of Catching Fire

Arriving on set: Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence (or Joey Lawrence or Gertrude Lawrence, I mean who the hell can tell under that burqa), Lynn Cohen ... See the Rest