Patching Up a Broken Nail!

Oh my god! I feel like sharing this with the whole world! People always ask me how I get my nails to grow so long but even I break a nail once in a while! When you break ... See the Rest

How McDonald’s French Fries Are Really Made

To combat the dreaded pink slime rumors, McDonald's has released some perky propaganda videos to show that their french fries come from, gasp, actual potatoes! Mythbusters' Grant Imahara is the (obviously) hired spokesperson for the campaign, who takes a look at the process from ... See the Rest

What DJs Really Do

I'm sorry. You can never convince me this is a real job. I've seen Paris Hilton "deejay." I know it's just pressing "play" then making a big show out of turning knobs occasionally and telling everyone you're "about to drop the bass." This video tries to counter that notion, ... See the Rest

The Art of Scissoring

Ernest Wright & Sons of Sheffield is the last remaining hand manufacturer of scissors. In the WORLD. The film documents "Putter" Cliff Denton, literally a "putter togetherer" of scissors. Watch him lovingly make a pair below. ... See the Rest

Dustin Lance Black on the Creative Process

Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black walks us through the process of writing a screenplay, from research to outline to rough draft. Fascinating and informative, a must for anyone who's ever thought "I should write a movie." ... Watch Now

How to Open Your Champagne Bottle Like a Boss

Step 1: Take your sabre... You do have sabre lying around don't you? Alton Brown shows you the way Napoleon's cavalry officers would theatrically lop the top off champagne bottles using their swords. It's a kick-ass move guaranteed to get you laid at any ... Watch Now

How to Pet a Kitty

      Continue reading after the ... See the Rest

PSA: How To Clean Your Computer Screen

Everyone cleans their screen now and then on the OUTSIDE but did you know you can clean it from the INSIDE? Computer companies don't want you to know, but my IT guy shared this info. Too complex ... See the Rest