Hot Look of the Day: Face Jewelry by Akiko Shinzato

You probably shouldn't be driving on the highway or operating heavy machinery if you're wearing ... See the Rest

Hot Looks of the Day: Lady Gaga vs Jared Leto vs Bjork

We're putting these three in the fighting pits of Mereen, to battle to the death over who's the most fabulous: Gaga with her wacky, wired braids, Jared Leto in his boner-inducing Joker drag, and thew always sublime Bjork wearing what can only be described as interplanetrary ... See the Rest

Hot Looks of the Day: New Zealand’s Infamous Mighty Mongrel Mob

Photographer Jono Rotman spent eight years living with and photographing New Zealand's stunning Mighty Mongrel ... See the Rest

Hot Looks of the Day from the Givenchy Show

Really amazing stuff going on at the Givenchy show last week. I'm still absorbing it all. I would lovelovelove to werk that FKA Twigs baby hair that all the male models ... See the Rest

Miss Canada’s Incredible Hockey Scoreboard Outfit and Other Hot Looks from This Sunday’s Miss Universe Pageant

Of course the only reason to watch The Miss Universe pageant is to get drag ideas from the big parade of costumes. Every year, contestants reduce their national identity to a series of simplistic, often culturally demeaning, clichés (Miss Latvia is a sexy milkmaid! Miss Jamaica ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day: Pop Star Viktoria Modesta’s Fashion-Forward Prosthetic Legs in her “Prototype” Music Video

Channel 4 in London introduces Viktoria Modesta, the world’s first amputee pop star, who showcases a variety of faaaaaaaabulous prosthetic legs in her new video "Prototype." There's a light-up leg (which hilariously attracts moths), a bedazzled leg for evening looks, and stabby ... Watch Now

Must-See: James Ostrer’s Super-Creepy Food Freaks!!!

Gobsmackingly gorgeous monster makeovers from London-based artist James Ostrer using junk food, you simply have to see it to believe it. Says Dangerous ... See the Rest

Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway Are Breakdancing Drag Kings in Jenny Lewis’ New Video “Just One of the Guys”

Dayum, Kristen Stewart is HOT in her little mustache and track suit, yo. She and Anne Hathaway star as band members and breakdancing hunks in Jenny Lewis' new video "Just One of the Guys." Jenny, you might remember, was the star of the brilliant 1989 classic Troop Beverly Hills. ... See the Rest